James Gunn Missed The Best Way To End The DCEU Before The DCU

James Gunn has missed a massive opportunity in providing a satisfying end for the DCEU. Now, it’s understandable why Gunn and Peter Safran decided to somewhat reboot the franchise as the current era of DC comics films just isn’t working as it should. However, the most notable thing is that the Suicide Squad are still intact for the next generation of DC heroes. While the future of The Flash and Aquaman are still unknown, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and possibly Gal Gadot are no longer set to play their respective characters in the DCU.

This was a huge missed opportunity to give a proper ending to a set of characters that most fans enjoyed overall. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League would’ve been a great way to amp up the anti-heroes as major players in the DCU and a nice swan song for the beloved characters who won’t be in the DC mix for a lengthy period of time. A proper conclusion to the Justice League story should’ve been a big mini-series instead of a video game.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Story Is Wasted As A Game

James Gunn Missed The Best Way To End The DCEU Before The DCU

Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice has been in development since 2010, following the tease of the villains in Batman: Arkham Knight. So much has changed during the development of Kill The Justice League including the shocking news that Gunn and Safran would overtake the DC Universe going forward. The Guardians of the Galaxy director has already stirred up quite a controversy during his time at the helm of the DCU, with the surprise release of Cavill as Superman and the cancellation of the third Wonder Woman movie. This was a missed opportunity to tell a compelling swan song for a band of heroes that fans have grown to love.

It’s not Gunn’s fault that the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has no ties to the DCEU because the video game was in development way before he was hired to overtake the next generation of DC films. However, it’s disappointing that the closest we’ll get to a Justice League/Suicide Squad battle is in the form of digital entertainment. David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad was widely criticised by critics and audiences, but there’s no denying that the property was a hot commodity since it made $746. 8 million worldwide. Instead of focusing on a reboot of the franchise, Warner Brothers could’ve carried on the Suicide Squad story by hiring Gunn to make a sequel that would’ve allowed a battle between the Justice League and Suicide Squad to officially take place. However, given the success of Peacemaker, which saw several Justice League members make brief cameos in the season finale, it wouldn’t have been too late to announce a one-off mini-series exploring the Justice League vs. The Suicide Squad narrative to full effect.

Kill The Justice League Could Have Given The DCEU Team A Real Swan Song

James Gunn Missed The Best Way To End The DCEU Before The DCU

A mini-series would have sufficiently tied loose ends in the DCEU. It would’ve given other characters characters like Cyborg and The Flash much needed depth that was missing in Justice League since it didn’t have time to focus on a particular character. It also would’ve helped flesh out Affleck’s Batman, who’s another missed opportunity since his story of becoming a killer was never explored. A mini-series could have also given more context behind why Bruce Wayne broke a moral code that’s he’s held up to standard for decades (at least in the live-action films). Each Justice League and Suicide Squad member would’ve benefitted from a meatier and personal story that’s been missed in most DCEU films as of late, especially Superman.

Superman’s journey to becoming evil could’ve easily connected with the Suicide Squad story. Evil Superman becoming uncontrollable and murderous would HAve forced Amanda Waller to send the Suicide Squad to kill the caped crusader. There’s so many intriguing and exciting directions that a Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League mini-series could’ve gone that it’s disappointing that James Gunn didn’t give fans of these characters the closure that they deserve.

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