James Corden and Lionel Richie Parody “Dancing On The Ceiling” Video

Every single late night host on television has their “thing.”  Each have a particular niche or shtick that works for them and it’s something their fans can generally count on.   For Stephen Colbert, it’s making fun of the Trump Administration.  For Jimmy Fallon it’s playing fun games with celebrities.  For James Corden it’s always and will always be doing “fun stuff” with celebrities.  He rose to fame because of Carpool Karaoke, but Corden’s incorporated skits and parodies on his show which have been nothing short of entertaining.

On last night’s show he teamed up with musical legend Lionel Richie to remake one of Richie’s famous 80s videos “Dancing on the Ceiling.” Faux hawk mullet/rat tail? Check. Colorful blazers? Check. Cheesy dancing? Keytar? Check. And then… “Lionel, I’m not joking, I’m stuck!” Corden says, as he is portrayed to be with his feet planted on the ceiling while the singer and backup dancers remain on the ground.

Check out the video below:


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