Watch James Corden Make Anna Wintour Eat Bacon-Wrapped Pizza

Anna Wintour is the current editor-in-chief for Vogue magazine, and is a well-known personality as well as someone that you simply don’t critique to her face, or behind her back, or anywhere that she could possibly find out. She’s a woman of great renown and distinction and as such this a very insane game to be playing with her. James has some of the most disgusting foods imaginable laid out on the table and the challenge is to answer a question or take a bit of the dishes that are placed in front of you. For this challenge Anna looks almost terrified as the wheel turns and she has to either answer the question asked or chew on something particularly nasty. Surprisingly though the first food that she’s asked to eat is something that a lot of Americans would probably dive into without question. Seriously, how many people in the United States would turn down bacon-wrapped pizza?

The answer might be a lot but for Anna this seems like a very tough thing to do. Bacon-wrapped pizza sounds like something that might be called a Redneck delight since it is a very high-fat and greasy treat but it’s also not the worst thing on the table unless a person is entirely health-conscious and doesn’t like eating greasy foods. Of course the other items on the table seem worse simply because of what they are and what they might taste like. Some people like pickled pigs feet, and there are those that would happily dive into a bacon cheeseburger with donut halves serving as a bun. But the chili cheese shake, the thousand-year old eggs, the June bug, and the bull penises seem a bit out there.

Give props to James Corden though, he ate the bull penis and the June bug before the game was over. He didn’t take a bite of the deep-fried butter, which is fortunate since that seems vomit-inducing all on its own. It’s hard to imagine how many calories one bite would be, but it’s easy to assume that it would be an artery-clogging meal at the very least. The questions however didn’t seem like the easiest since in Hollywood if anyone badmouths anyone it tends to become a media circus over who said what and why this or that feud is now considered to be the biggest thing in the industry. In other words you don’t just answer questions like the ones being posed without expecting to suffer some sort of blowback in return.

With someone like Anne Wintour you definitely don’t talk about social functions or fashion unless you’re on the same level as her and for a lot of people that seems akin to crowing from the top of Mt. Saint Helens when they’re standing on the peak of Everest. In other words, Anne has likely forgotten more about fashion than many of us will ever know. But Corden hangs in there with her and even goes so far as to chomp on a June bug during the final question. That’s dedication at least.

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