Betty White’s Poker Face is What Life is All About

Betty White’s Poker Face is What Life is All About

Betty White’s Poker Face is What Life is All About

I think it’s safe to say that whenever Betty White surfaces for any reason whatsoever it’s mandatory that you share it assuming you own any kind of entertainment site.  White’s actually been trending a lot on Twitter lately which makes fans kind of nervous.   Nervous because she’s 95 and all of her fans want her to live forever.  People are extremely karmic and no one wants to mess with Betty White’s flow.   I too hope that White lives well into her 100s because she’s such a treasure.

Last night she stopped by the Late Late Show with James Corden where she was as cute and hilarious as always.  She even charmed the cynical YouTubers; as one wrote in the comments, “Betty White breaks my heart with adoration, when i hear her i want to sit her down, give her a cup of tea and a scone and let her talk about anything she wants to talk about whilst i mow her lawn and take her trash out.”

James Corden asked Betty about the regular poker games she plays with her friends, trying to get himself invited.  At that point Betty shared her incredibly talented Poker Face.  Check out the whole interview below:

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