Jake Harper’s Dumbest Moments On “Two And A Half Men”

When we first met Jake Harper ( Angus T. Jones) on Two and A Half Men, he was a kid with a promising future who helped his uncle Charlie ( Charlie Sheen) win at a poker game. Jake, alongside his father Allan, moved in with Charlie. As time went by, perhaps due to the influence of Charlie, Jake became more blonde. When he wasn’t eating anything and everything under the sun, he was struggling to decode kitchen-table lingo. So many times, basic things went over his head. Here are some of those moments:

1. The Time He Thought Headphones Worked The Other Way Round

Jake wasn’t the smartest kid. No one, not even his uncle, expected him to make the honor roll. He didn’t even know what an honor roll was, and that was not a surprise. For someone who wasn’t so good at school, one would assume that Jake would be good with other things. Like gadgets for instance. No, Jake was not good with gadgets. We all happened to find that out when he was at the kitchen table, having breakfast with Allan and Charlie. Jake was playing a game on a device with its volume fully on. In between pauses, he’d bend his head low to feed from a bowl by scooping cereal using his mouth. “ Jake, Use your spoon,” Allan said. His way of feeding wasn’t the only fascinating thing that day. Music from the device was getting on Charlie’s nerves. He asked Jake to turn it off. The boy obeyed and wore his headphones, but he forgot to plug them in. Allan had to step in. No sooner had he plugged the headphones, than Jake thought he was invincible. According to him, headphones somehow muted other people in the room.

2. The Time He Struggled To Make An Order

It wasn’t every so often that Jake hang out with his grandma. If anything, Evelyn would have preferred that Jake stays at Charlie’s ( Charlie Sheen) house. In the event that Jake visited Evelyn, it was always total chaos. A day like that would begin with Jake declaring it the worst day of his life. It would then morph into more Jake-like theatrics, including shoving ice cream in Evelyn’s face, quite literally, and spilling spicy spaghetti all over her beautifully furnished living room. It’s safe to say Evelyn’s caution when it came to her grandson was justified, and a trip to a restaurant was the safest bet. At the restaurant, the conversation between Evelyn and Jake couldn’t have gone any worse. “ So, dear, do you see anything you like?” She asked. “ I don’t know, what’s venison?” Jake asked after browsing through the menu. “ Deer,” Evelyn replied. In his head, Jake thought Evelyn was calling him ‘Dear’, so he asked her, “ What?”, “ Deer.” She said. A confused Jake asked yet again, “What?”, to which Evelyn insisted, “Deer. D.E.E.R.” In retaliation, Jake also spelled it out in a way that only Jake could, “What? W.H.A.T?”

3. The Time Charlie And Allan Took Him On A Spin

Because he spent time going back and forth between his parents, Jake was influenced by both of them. Sometimes, he’d pick up things from both ends. With Charlie, he learned that commitment and marriage weren’t really the way he wanted to go. With his mom, he heard a lot of awful things about Charlie. One such time, Judith had said that Charlie got into so much trouble because he thought with his little head. That statement got Jake wondering, because as far as he was concerned, Charlie had a normal-sized head. “ It’s not that little,” Jake told Charlie. Charlie was furious. He was about to snap when Allan stepped in. As Charlie let Jake know that women were to be honored and respected, Allan ( Jon Cryer) let it slip that he was speaking with his ‘big head’. The pair decided to take Jake on a spin. “ What do men have that women don’t?” Allan asked. “ Beards,” Jake replied. When Charlie asked him to ‘Go lower’, Jake coined his voice in a much deeper way and replied, “ Beards.”

4. The Time He Dated A Woman Twice His Age

Even though little Jake started out in a normal way, he wound up with a lower IQ as time went by. In his teenage years, Jake began to show a more macho aspect of his personality. In between having a three-way and ending up in the military, Jake managed to date a woman who was way older than him. Tammy ( Jaime Pressly) was thirty-six years old with three kids. Allan was not so impressed by the age difference between Jake and his lover. Jake was hell-bent on going out with Tammy and was secretly planning to marry her. “ Let me ask you this question,” he told his dad, “ If you’ve never tasted a strawberry ice-cream cone in your life, how do you know what it tastes like?” In Jake’s head, Allan had never met Tammy, so he had no idea what it was like to be with her. Like with most situations, Allan had to ask something that went right over Jake’s head. “ Is Tammy’s ex in the picture?” He asked, prompting Jake to reply, “ He’s in some, and in some, his head’s been torn off.”

5. The Time He Was Struck By A Million-Dollar Idea

It’s not very many times that a character meets his perfect match. Any little bit of intelligence left in Jake was thrown out the window when he met Eldridge ( Graham Patrick Martin). The pair were at per when it came to intelligence, and it didn’t help that Eldridge was a lover of all things weed. So much was he into the drug that his mother made a joke about it. In Lyndsey’s ( Courtney Thorne -Smith) books, Eldridge could only do proper math if it involved calculating the cost of a bag of marijuana. One too many times, he would drag Jake into mischief. One such time, the boys were insanely high, watching television while they ate chips. It was then that Eldridge came up with a brilliant idea. “ Why don’t they just make chips with the dip already on them?” he asked. Jake happened to agree. “ Dude, that’s a million-dollar idea.” He said. Still high, Eldridge asked, “ What is?” Jake’s memory wasn’t bad after all, and he answered, “ Pre-dipped chips.” The pair went back and forth on what the idea was, all while watching characters on television who were a replica of their lazy selves.

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