What The Cast of Two and a Half Men is Up to These Days

There have been a lot of cast members that have come and gone or were just making their way through for cameo appearances now and again on Two and a Half Men, so when it comes to stating just what the cast is up to it seems fair to focus on the main three that made the show what it was. Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones had a special kind of chemistry on screen that made a lot of people laugh and wonder about a lot of things, like when was Alan finally going to man up and take control of his life, or would Charlie ever settle down and find a woman that could stand him and that he didn’t want to get rid of the next morning, and so on and so forth. But off screen there were obviously a few issues that contributed to the show moving on from Sheen and finding a replacement in Ashton Kutcher for a while. Making us think that Charlie was dead was a bit extreme but then making us realize that he’d been kept prisoner for a while was even worse in some ways.

Anyway, the show has been well and done for a while and the cast has all moved on, including the three main characters that everyone loved so much. But where have they gone and what have they been doing? Chris Harnick of E! News answered that question since a lot of them have continued forward with their careers.

Charlie Sheen

There are some folks out there that think Charlie Sheen should just up and retire since he’s been kind of a nuisance during parts of his career, but he’s still out and doing the things that have made him famous since he was much younger and he still has the ability to make people laugh. After the show ended he kept on working in TV and in movies and actually starred in a couple of very serious roles that surprised a lot of people. He’s been kind of stuck with the bad boy image for a long time now but he’s also been reliable and dependable for quite a few years, so it’s not too surprising that he would keep on doing what he’s been doing. Thankfully he’s calmed down quite a bit since the whole ‘tiger blood’ and ‘winning’ attitude made him look kind of nuts for a while. But at this time he’s still in the business and he’s still doing his thing.

Jon Cryer

Jon has been around for a long time now, probably just as long as Charlie in fact since both of them are old school and have been in the business for decades. The mere fact that he hasn’t gotten as much attention probably stems from the fact that his character in Pretty in Pink and various other movies were his calling card for a long time and his role as Alan was one of his best in a long, long time. But be that as it may, his time as Alan has definitely re-upped his career as it’s opened more and more doors for him when it comes to TV and the movies since he’s been here and there throughout the last several years since the show ended. Even better, he’s now featured on Supergirl playing none other than the nefarious Lex Luthor, which seems like it might be kind of a stretch, but is actually going quite well according some fans.

Angus T. Jones

In all honesty his part as Jake was one of the best roles in the entire show since from the time he was young to the episodes when he finally grew up a bit he was still the same clueless young boy that was there at just the right, or wrong, moments and almost always had something witty to say. In a way he was almost like the live-action version of Bobby Hill from King of the Hill, but a lot smarter and a lot more clued in to the kind of lifestyle his Uncle Charlie was living. After the show Angus didn’t really stick around show business for that long since he decided to go to college and get his education. He did manage to do a few things here and there but otherwise he’s stayed away from the business for the most part. It would almost seem that he had his fill of the whole thing and just wanted to focus on living his life the way he wanted.

The cast of Two and a Half Men was a pretty long list when you get down to it, but the three main characters were the ones that were there for the majority of the show and were the core around which everyone else revolved.

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