Recap: True Blood 2.07 “Release Me”

We open with Andy Bellefleur running through the woods, still calling out for that damn pig. Cut to Sam being held captive at the world’s largest orgy (I’m assuming….because I really have no experience with orgies). Maryann’s off vibrating in the middle of a circle of undulators (as in, naked people who are undulating around her). Tara tells Sam to give in and then Andy stumbles upon the naked party and fires off a shot (from his gun….get your minds out of the gutter!). This allows Sam to get away. Maryann, with her weird demon hands, gives chase, but Sam shape-shifts into a bird and flies away.

By the way, I’m sorry, again, for this late recap. Blame it on the long Canadian holiday weekend and my overall busy life. The goods news, however, is that I got my brand new MacBook (after my old one was destroyed….by me) and this is the first thing I’m typing on it. I love my MacBook.

When we get back from the credits, the undulators are now wailers, upset that their little party was interrupted. Andy holds a gun on as many naked people as possible. When Andy goes to confront his brother, Terry, Terry displays a large amount of strength and possibly breaks Andy’s wrist.

Sookie and Hugo are trapped in a cage/storage closet in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun church. Sookie’s calling out for Godric, convinced that he’s nearby, while Hugo panics because of his claustrophobia. Isabel sure picked a wimpy human for her pet. Sookie is convinced there’s a vampire traitor in their midst and she and Hugo think it might be Stan. Sookie also believes that Bill will be coming for her and is worried what the Fellowship will do to him.

Bill’s not coming for anyone. He’s trapped in his hotel room by Lorena, who refuses to move. When he tries to get past her, she beats him down. Lorena says it’s been a long time since they were together and she’s missed him.

2x07-Release-Me-true-blood-7492655-1280-720Cut to 1935 Los Angeles, where Bill and Lorena are living in a nice house and Lorena brings Bill a chorus girl as a present. The chorus girl dances but Bill isn’t impressed. At least he’s not singing like the last episode. Bill’s obviously having a crisis of conscience and dismisses the chorus girl, despite Lorena’s pleas that he kill her. Bill tells Lorena he’s out of the evil vampire business, but she tells him that he’ll outgrow is do-gooder phase. He is adamant.

Back in the present, Bill threatens Lorena and says that if Sookie gets hurt because of her, he’ll kill her. Lorena laughs at his love for a human.

At the Fellowship camp, Eric and Isabel are watching some Fellowship soldiers patrolling. Eric says that Sookie and Hugo have been inside too long, but Isabel says that if Hugo were in danger, she would feel it. She explains why she enjoys humans so much (beyond the fact that they’re food). Isabel reveals that Stan is convinced that the Fellowship has Godric but she wonders how a vampire so powerful was taken. Eric wonders if something inhuman took Godric.

Cut to the balcony of the church, where Jason and Sarah are basking in the afterglow. Well, Jason’s basking and Sarah is crying. She admits that she doesn’t feel guilty for cheating on her husband and is now in love with Jason. Naturally, he’s freaking out, because he’s one of those rare guys who doesn’t equate sex with love (don’t get snippy, guys!) Jason tries to extricate himself from the situation but Sarah wants to admit their affair to Steve. Good Lord, the guy who plays Jason has the most chiseled body I’ve ever seen. Unbelievable. Jason manages to persuade Sarah not to tell Steve until after the morning vampire-burning ceremony.

Back at the hotel, Hoyt and Jessica are making out. Hoyt admits that he’s a virgin and she says she is as well. They both talk about why they’re virgins and….boring! Why are they talking about this when we could be watching sex? Jessica offers herself to Hoyt but not now, because she needs to sleep during the day.

2x07-Release-Me-true-blood-7492697-1280-720Isabel and Eric rejoin Stan, who is just a jerk. He accuses Eric and Isabel of being wimps and Eric gets really pissed. He accuses Stan of murdering Godric and promises to find proof. More likely, Stan allowed the Fellowship to capture Godric or helped them do so.

Tara and Eggs wake up on the couch the next morning, confused but clearly realizing that something is up. Tara suggests they lay off the weed pipe and wonders what the heck happened.

Sam arrives at Merlotte’s and takes his gun out of hiding.

Steve comes down to the basement to greet Sookie and Hugo. He’s ridiculously cheerful and dismisses Sookie’s threats of her vampire boyfriend coming to get her. Steve says he just wants to ask them some questions and before he can even do so, Hugo folds like a freaking towel. He gives their real names and says who sent them. Jesus, Hugo’s unbelievable. Steve recognizes Sookie as Jason’s sister and then goes off to confront Jason as Sookie insists that Jason had nothing to do with this.

After Steve leaves Sookie tries to contact her fellow mind-reader Barry (the former bellboy from the hotel) and tells him to contact Bill for her.

Back at the hotel, Bill’s looking sickly. He tells Lorena they need to rest, but she thinks Bill might kill himself or escape if she goes to sleep. They both start bleeding (she from her nose and he from his ear). Bill asks Lorena to let him call Eric to save Sookie. Lorena admits that Eric brought her there and then crushes the phone. She tells Bill that Eric wants Sookie and he should let him have her.

Steve finds Jason trying to leave the camp with his suitcase. Gabe throws him into the car.

Andy’s trying to relay the story of the orgy to the Sheriff, who clearly doesn’t believe him.

2x07-Release-Me-true-blood-7492606-1280-720Tara and Eggs are watching television when Maryann returns home, carrying the bull mask with her feet covered in blood. Turns out she killed a rabbit for stew. Gross. Tara asks if Maryann threw a party while they were gone and Maryann says she just had a few people over for drinks. Tara’s pissed that Maryann is invading Sookie’s house.

Gabe’s got a knife to Jason’s throat and Steve is confronting him. Obviously they two of them are talking about different things. Steve leaves and tells Gabe to take care of Jason.

Daphne is sitting on the pier as Sam approaches her with a gun. She doesn’t seem to be very surprised. Sam feels incredibly betrayed but Daphne says Maryann actually saved her. Daphne says that Maryann forces her energy inside people, which gives them the black eyes, but that supernatural people like her and Sam can resist her. Sam asks what Maryann is and Daphne replies ‘she’s God’.

Hugo’s banging against the grate, demanding to be let out. Sookie grabs his arm and realizes that Hugo is the traitor.
Back at the lake, Daphne says that Maryann is a maenad (a handmaiden of Dionysus) and is immortal. She tells Sam not to bother fighting Maryann, because he won’t win.

In the basement, Hugo is trying to explain his actions to Sookie. He says that being with Isabel changed him and was pissed when Isabel refused to turn him into a vampire, so he went to the Fellowship. Hugo calls out for Gabe to let him out and when Gabe doesn’t appear, Sookie quickly realizes that Hugo is unimportant to the Fellowship.

Sarah’s walking through the camp, being all cheerful, when Steve says he needs to talk to her about Jason. Gabe’s leading Jason through the camp and when he insults Sookie, Jason attacks him, takes the knife and leaves.

2x07-Release-Me-true-blood-7492611-1280-720Lafayette is trying to get his customers back on V while Eggs and Tara are making out at Merlotte’s. Arlene arrives and takes Tara. Arlene tells Tara she thinks she did something bad: she tried to get Terry drunk and she blacked out. Tara is suspicious that Arlene blacked out too.

Andy bursts into Merlotte’s, calling out for Terry. He says he saw all of them last night having the orgy. He leaves in a huff and everyone in the bar just laughs at him.

At the hotel, Hoyt is spreading roses around the room as Jessica wakes up. She loves that he’s set up a romantic scene and tells him to take off his pants.

Jason’s running through the forest when Sarah drives up. She’s distraught and takes out a gun and shoots him. He grabs at his chest and falls backwards. But I’m pretty sure he’s not dead.

Maryann greets Daphne on the pier and thanks her for her service. Eggs comes by (with black eyes) and stabs Daphne in the chest.

Gabe enters the basement and Hugo says Sookie knows about them. Gabe beats up Hugo. Sookie tries to help Hugo and Gabe strangles her. Sookie screams and Bill seems to hear her in the hotel. Lorena is prattling on about the beaches in Miami and Bill makes a break for the door, but Lorena pins him to the door with a stake to his back. Flashback to 1935 when Bill is telling Lorena that he absolutely doesn’t love Lorena. Bill asks Lorena to stake him, but she refuses. Instead, she releases him.

Barry interrupts Bill and Lorena by knocking on the door. Lorena covers Bill’s mouth, so Barry relays the message through the door. Eric hears the message and runs off. In the basement, Gabe rips off Sookie’s dress with the intent to rape her and he’s pulled off by…..Godric? WTF?

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