5 Things You Didn’t Know about Itzan Escamilla

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Itzan Escamilla

Pursuing a career in acting can be a grueling process. In some cases, it can take years, even decades, to finally get a big break. However, for some, that break comes sooner than later. That’s exactly what happened in Itzan Escamilla‘s case.

Just two years after making his acting debut, Escamilla was cast in the Netflix series, Elite. Although the show was created in Spanish, it quickly became a hit in the UK and the United States. The show’s success has catapulted the actor’s career, and his performance did not go unnoticed. Keep reading for five things you didn’t know about Itzan Escamilla.

1. He Is Bilingual

Itzan Escamilla1

While some actors aren’t fluent in languages outside their mother tongue, Itzan Escamilla has mastered two languages. Altogether, that makes him a double-threat in some people’s books. Aside from his native Spanish, Escamilla is also fluent in English. His ability to speak both languages is undoubtedly a much-appreciated leg up.

2. He Is Signed To A Well-Known Talent Agency

Itzan Escamilla2

Being signed to a reputable agency can be instrumental to an actor’s success. Escamilla signed with well-known Spanish talent agency Garay Talent. The group also represents his Elite co-stars, Omar Ayuso, and Aron Piper. Money Heist actress Ursula Corbero also works with the agency.

3. He Has Appeared In Other Popular Shows and Movies

Itzan Escamilla

Even though Elite was his big break, Itzan Escamilla has appeared on many different shows throughout the years. You can watch him in Cable Girls and Victor Ros. He’s also in the movies Planeta 5000 and Chaval. Other than that, he lent his voice to the character of Jack in the animated series The Idhun Chronicles.

4. The Theater Taught Him The Most Valuable Lessons


Although he is young aEscamilland his career is just getting started, Itzan Escamilla has already garnered a lot of acting experience. He’s had theater, film, and stage roles that have opened him up to all sorts of career-building nuggets.

When asked which medium he prefers, he said, “… what I have liked the most has been the theater, but because it is where I have learned the most at the acting level, and it has been the most challenging.”

5. He Studied At The Cristina Rota School


Itzan Escamilla attended the Cristina Rota School of the Dramatic Arts in Madrid. He only attended two years out of the four-year program but says he still learned a lot during his time there.

When speaking about his experience there, Itzan said, “… they are very demanding, and the enormous experience shows. In my case, I chose it by word of mouth; when I started looking for acting schools and saw that many Spanish actors had passed by, I did not hesitate, and there I went. “

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