It’s Safe to Say Fans Won’t Accept Anyone for the Fantastic Four

Plenty of fans want to see the Fantastic Four finally make their way to the MCU, but for one reason or another, no one can agree on who should take each role on the team. A lot of folks have gone on to state that Doctor Doom shouldn’t be the primary villain right from the start, especially since this has been attempted twice and has failed horribly. But fans might need to check themselves since plenty of them were ready and willing to state that the earlier attempts and the 2015 movie had their high points, no matter that they deviated from the team’s origin in such a big way. But the trash talk that continues to spread about the casting of each character, Reed Richards in particular, is a bit frustrating for the same reason since many people try to find the benefit in the past movies, right up until they find a reason to listen to critics and/or those who are willing to tear down the role for no better reason than to cause a debate. Honestly, a good debate is nothing to shy away from, but stirring up controversy just because you can is kind of suspect. 

The fact is that the only individual that didn’t appear to channel Reed Richards that well was Miles Teller since the truth is that he didn’t feel right for the role. But with all respect to the guy, he did what he could to bring Richards to life. However, one very important thing to note about the 2015 movie is that the story was reinvented in a way that might have worked had certain elements been allowed to remain as true to the comics as they could be. The fact is that the earlier version with Jessica Alba and Chris Evans stuck closer to the comic book origin than many people realize, even if it was updated in a way to reflect the era it was set in. 

It’s a big hope that the director of the eventual FF movie will find it necessary to skip the origin story in favor of flashbacks so that things can start moving forward instead of taking the time to lay a heap of exposition on the fans. Some people might want this, but it’s been seen lately and in past movies that unless there’s time for it, the origin story tends to get in the way of the overall enjoyment. Plus, there’s plenty of time to go into the origin story after the team has been allowed to kick off and get their story rolling. The fact that so many people are adamant that the part of Reed Richards hasn’t been found yet is a little frustrating since at one point someone’s going to have to back the fans up and ask them what they’re looking for. The idea that Richards has to be cast perfectly in accordance with his comic book counterpart is kind of ridiculous since looking at the reactions of those that have witnessed the emergence of other characters that have been altered and otherwise changed, it’s hypocritical to say that one character should be perfectly cast, and others can be changed without worrying about what fans will say. 

One thing that will always be evident is that fans will give their opinion and their criticisms, and that’s fine since it’s expected and it’s not something that should be discouraged. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources, and even criticism can help people to build a story that people might like. But the fickle nature of the fanbase has become a little hard to deal with at times since too many fans think they know best and are adamant about proving it. To be fair, though, many fans are kooks that don’t think that any opinion other than their own matters. There are still plenty of fans that will remain flexible enough to entertain one thought or another when it comes to the MCU and the many characters that have yet to be introduced. But the fact is that too many people have been speaking up again and again concerning the casting of characters like Reed Richards. 

John Krasinski is the best in line to portray this character at the time. He might not appear to be what people want, but as was shown in the Doctor Strange sequel he is a good enough choice to make this character come alive. Trying to state that this person is worth a chance, or that person isn’t a good example of the character, isn’t ridiculous to be fair, but it is a bit restrictive since it’s interesting to think of who can play these many roles, but trying to say that their attempts are worthless, or that the franchise has yet to get it right, is tough to get behind. 

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