It’s All About Rocket, James Gunn’s ‘Secret’ Protagonist

It’s All About Rocket, James Gunn’s ‘Secret’ Protagonist
It’s All About Rocket, James Gunn’s ‘Secret’ Protagonist

credit: MCU

Imagining that Rocket Racoon is the main protagonist in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies is a bit tough since the movie starts with Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, and follows his story closely as Rocket and the others are brought in later. But according to the director, James Gunn, the truth is that in his mind, Rocket has been the main protagonist of these movies for quite a while now. While he didn’t double down and state that Rocket was the most important character in the MCU, he has been adamant that in his mind, the trash-talking raccoon has been the main character in the GoTG movies since his story incorporates many of the elements that his teammates share in their backstories. It’s odd to think of the augmented and ill-tempered Rocket as the main character, especially when the first two movies have made it clear that his arc is not the most important, even though it is a painful arc to be certain since it’s been established that the experimentation that made Rocket who he was didn’t happen voluntarily. His life hasn’t been a bowl of cherries, to begin with. But it would appear that the third Guardians movie will focus heavily on his backstory and will prop him up as a lead character as the trilogy closes out. 

It’s All About Rocket, James Gunn’s ‘Secret’ Protagonist

credit: MCU

Fans might disagree about who the lead character is, but Rocket has made an impact. 

Seeing Peter Quill introduced first in the movies makes it apparent to many people that he was meant to be the face of the Guardians, but then hearing James Gunn say otherwise is a little confusing since it would appear that his main protagonist has been in plain sight for much of the time and hasn’t been outed as such. This could be to keep the fans happy and give them someone they could relate to as a recognizable face of the movies, as it might have gone badly had Rocket been promoted as much as Quill initially. The truth is that people took to Rocket quite well, but it was understood, among the fans at least, that Rocket was a supporting character and wasn’t guiding the story. Even now, it’s a little difficult to force one’s mind onto such a track, but it’s not impossible. 

Despite not being used quite as much, Rocket has been dominant in the MCU. 

Even though he was seen to be a supporting character, it’s not tough at all to see that Rocket soon became an important character in the MCU since he’s been the favorite of many fans for years now, and his likeness has been pushed in terms of merchandise in a big way. As one of the Guardians, he’s stood out in a big way, and as a character in the MCU, his popularity has been up there with some of the more prominent names and has even surpassed several characters who have been around longer than he has. It’s tough to say why in so many words, but Rocket has been the type of character many came to identify with after a while, and he’s been shown to be more complex than people might have initially thought when vol. 1 first came out. 

It’s All About Rocket, James Gunn’s ‘Secret’ Protagonist

credit: MCU

In the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it was easy to establish that Rocket was meant to be a prominent character

It’s simple to look back and see that he was one of the characters that made the Guardians of the Galaxy such a great story since, apart from being voiced by Bradley Cooper, he was also one of the most dominant characters, thanks to his attitude. Fans would point out that each guardian became loved by the fans, but there’s no doubt that Rocket earned his spot in the hearts and minds of the people. It’s not surprising to learn that the third movie will focus heavily on Rocket’s origins and his life in the MCU, but it does leave people wondering if he has a future in the franchise. 

There’s no telling if the Guardians will show up again in the MCU, especially since it sounds like the third movie might feature a death or two. 

This rumor has been going around since it sounds as though it might have more truth to it than people are willing to accept. The idea that critical characters will die in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie leaves many fans wondering if they will be exiting the theaters in tears. But at this time, it’s not hard to wonder if the Guardians will see any further action in the MCU after the next movie or if this will be the last outing. 

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