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Avatar 2 hasn’t even dropped in the theaters yet and it’s already necessary to start talking about the sequels that James Cameron apparently has in the chamber, such as the fifth sequel that obviously will see the Na’vi make their way to planet earth. It’s even been stated that this will be an important part of Neytiri’s journey, which brings up a lot of questions that have to do with the events that take place between the second and fifth movies. One might question if the fans are going to be willing to wait that long if the third, fourth, and fifth movies are bound to take as long as the second movie did. Still, at this point, it does feel as though Cameron is ready and willing to get rolling on the other sequels and start releasing them much sooner than the second movie. When one realizes that Avatar came out in 2009, the idea that this much time would pass between each sequel would be seriously off-putting since, by the time part five came along, a lot of people who could remember the first movie would either be deceased or might not care as much. But obviously, the plan is to bring the sequels forward much sooner.  The only hope that remains is that people are going to be willing to follow the story for reasons other than nostalgia. 

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Would the Na’vi be able to survive in earth’s atmosphere? 

Considering that humans aren’t able to survive without aid on Pandora, it’s easy to wonder if the same would hold true for the Na’vi on earth. There’s no doubt some explanation that might be given if the Na’vi are able to exist in earth’s atmosphere, which would make them appear as a superior species that can adapt to one environment or another, but it feels as though this would give the blue-skinned aliens a serious advantage that would cause an imbalance in the story. It’s tough to say what would and what wouldn’t affect the Na’vi on earth since they’re so much bigger than humans, not to mention several animals earth is home to, especially since there’s no way to know if they could even process the foods and endure the elements. Yes, Pandora is far more savage and wild, but each planet feels as though it would be unique to those who are native to it. 

Will Jake still be there at this time? 

It sounds as though the story might revolve around Neytiri, which isn’t a negative, but the question is whether or not Jake would still be there since there doesn’t appear to be a lot of talk about the human-turned-Na’vi. With two movies still to come between part 2 and part 5, there’s a lot that can happen, but when trying to predict what’s going to happen to the various characters in the movies, it’s fair to say that things can change according to the director and those that help to dictate the story. Trying to focus on Neytiri and her experience when reaching earth does make sense, considering that the first movie was fixed around Jake and his experiences with Pandora. It does feel fair in a big way since it’s possible to see how the first trip to earth would astound Neytiri, given that she would know next to nothing and would have to try and understand how the world came to be the desolate place that Jake speaks of in the first movie. 

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What would prompt the Na’vi to travel to earth? 

This is a good question since one might think that Pandora would be enough for the Na’vi and that leaving their planet wouldn’t be the best idea.  But perhaps the idea that they’re so in tune with their world would inspire others to think that maybe the Na’vi could help them attune to their own world and therefore bring things back into a type of balance that would keep the humans at home instead of constantly on the lookout for new sources of energy. That’s just one theory, but there are likely other ideas that could be brought up and worked on since, again, there are a couple of movies between 2 and 5 that need to be developed. 

One has to imagine that the Na’vi wouldn’t receive a warm welcome. 

The humans weren’t given a warm welcome on Pandora, and for a good reason. But the fact is that Na’vi would probably be less than welcomed by a lot of people since they’re visitors, and their ways might not be accepted on earth. This would create a great deal of conflict, without a doubt, but the overall idea needs to be revealed before one can give a serious critique of the idea. When all is said and done though, this idea is going to be a while in coming. 

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