Amber Midthunder is Ready for a Prey Sequel

Amber Midthunder is Ready for a Prey Sequel
Amber Midthunder is Ready for a Prey Sequel

Amber Midthunder Prey Sequel

Amber Midthunder is ready for a Prey sequel, and it sounds like everyone else is on board. Nothing has happened at this time, but thanks to the movie’s success, the thought is that another movie could happen eventually. How the story could form is unknown at this time. 

That hasn’t stopped the Predator franchise from taking the next step forward. Fans haven’t seen much reason to praise the franchise in the past several years. AVP: Requiem wasn’t much of a prize, while Predators only frustrated the fanbase. Prey gave the fans something to appreciate again. 

Set in 1719, this prequel took on the mythos of the Predator franchise by showing how an indigenous tribe encountered one of the hunters. The predator’s appearance was different, revealing that the species evolved from a simpler form. However, their technology is still far advanced beyond what humans understand. 

It feels easy to guess that there would be a time jump of at least a few years in the next movie. Mudthunder’s character has already proven herself and is now hyper-aware that the predators exist. How she would use this knowledge, however, is unknown. Whether she would stay with her tribe and act as their warrior or go on the hunt is interesting to think about. 

Amber Midthunder Prey Sequel

The predators would continue to use the earth as their hunting ground

Considering how much is canon in this franchise, it’s fair to assume that the predators wouldn’t give up on earth. What is and what isn’t canon affects what gets to exist in the universe. But Prey attempts to reset the idea of the yautja and show that they have visited earth for centuries. 

Thanks to the dialogue and story, it is possible that the predators have used earth for quite a while. Their advanced technology helps this story push forward and invites the idea that AVP is canon. 

Not only that, but Predator 2 is now canon as well, thanks to the pistol featured in Prey. Many fans noted this and were happy to see it. Another movie could easily form another link between the original movies and this current idea. 

It occurs that the predators could target Naru and her tribe

It sounds a little petty, but the predators are known to harbor grudges. The literature on these creatures makes one wonder what will remain canon and what will get dumped. But if Prey is a straight prequel that will set things moving, it feels that the hunters will have a long memory. 

What balances this out is that the yautja respect strength and skill. Their entire culture values the strength and cunning of a warrior. This is why some have survived various encounters. 

But the oft-maligned movie, Predators also shows that there are at least two different types of predators. It stands to reason that the more violent type of predator is the type that Naru met. This type feels like the vengeful type. 

Amber Midthunder Prey Sequel

One has to wonder how much the predators might evolve 

One thing that has stayed the same is that the hunters do evolve, and they do so in various ways. While The Predator had an odd way of showing this in 2018, it furthers the belief that hunters learn as they go. Their technology gets better, and they get tougher and more knowledgeable. 

In other words, they learn from their mistakes and seek to bolster their weaknesses. This makes it easy to think that a return to earth in Naru’s life would only make them more dangerous. It’s already seen in Prey that their technology is well beyond that of the indigenous tribes. 

This is one of the reasons the movie was a bit frustrating. Naru’s ability to outfox the predator was impressive, but her saving grace was her tactics. She knew her environment, and she used it to her advantage. Otherwise, the predator could have worn her down quickly. 

Fans might not want to hear that in this day and age, but in a stand-up fight, Naru would have lost. 

If this happens, it could take a while

At the moment, this is an idea, and a good one. But there are a lot of questions to answer and a story to tell. Naru and her people now know of the hunters. Unfortunately, it’s fair to say that mythology will take over, and the hunters will be considered supernatural. 

That’s the belief of the times since this is an era in which science has not taken over yet. But it’s also a chance to tell a fun story that can continue the franchise. 

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