The Five Best Movie Priests of the 80s

The Five Best Movie Priests of the 80s

Even priests aren’t perfect, and that seems to be what the 80s were telling us whenever a priest stepped on the scene. They’re human after all and their faults are born out of a lifetime spent before they put on the robes. Of course some of them might have a few faults while they have the robes on and some of them might not exactly be the most pious people to begin or the most patient. But all in all priests are people and they do make mistakes, sometimes a lot of them. They even have moments when they lose their temper and manage to fly off the handle at someone since that spark of humanity they hold is not perfect in the least. But in 80s movies that comes through in a big way since the transitory decade was one that was trying to find an identity and only ever popped up for air on occasion to see if what was going on was acceptable.

Here are a few examples of priests in the 80s.

5. We’re No Angels

Two escaped criminals on the run decide to pose as priests and that’s when the hilarity begins. This movie obviously didn’t get a whole lot of play back in the day since a lot of people don’t seem to remember it. But you can imagine just how hilarious it would be, at least in the sense of making a movie, if two convicts decided to go with the flow and do what they could to keep their places within the church. After all it would be free room and board and you could move about as you liked, so long as you took on the full duties of a priest and fulfilled them each day. Prison might start looking good after a while.

4. Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

Oh what a stirring speech, if you’re asleep and don’t have to listen. There are times when English humor is just a tad bit dry and could use some seasoning but people seem to like it anyway since it’s different and tends to be outrageously funny at times. This doesn’t seem to be one of those times but it does all depend on a person’s perspective. What’s funny to one person might not be funny at all to another person but this oration by the priest is funny simply because it’s so awful. Even those in attendance look ready to bolt for the door if they had the chance, and of course if they’re still awake.

3. Spaceballs

This is a case of a priest that’s got a short fuse and doesn’t want to deal with any more unwanted interruptions. Of course if you’re trying to perform a wedding ceremony and people keep talking it could be kind disruptive not to mention annoying. This was one of the best spoof movies made in the 80s but unfortunately it didn’t start getting popular until well after its release. Nowadays if someone’s seen it they can laugh with another person that loves it all day since there’s so much in this movie to laugh about. The priest isn’t the funniest part but he’s certainly a great addition to a movie that’s already a gut-busting good time.

2. Caddyshack

The priest in Caddyshack is kind of a jerk since he’s one of those stodgy old men that has done well for himself in life, well enough that he can afford to be a member at one of the most expensive country clubs around. During one of the best games of his life however he gets a bit prideful and while he’s playing so well he keeps talking as though he just can’t lose. When that final shot comes and it skips out of the hole he decides to blame the same God that he happens to preach about and of course what happens next, he gets blasted with a bolt of lightning as a way of God smiting him for his arrogance and blasphemy. Of course it could have just been that he held a metal club up in the air during a lightning storm.

1. Child’s Play

You might think I’m going a little out of bounds here but voodoo priests are quite real since they have their own religion and practices as well. It would seem more like hoodoo than voodo in this clip however since the long and short of it is that voodoo is more of a religion while hoodoo is the actual belief in the magical arts in a way. In this manner it becomes the priest’s downfall since he made the mistake of training the wrong person first, and then letting him know where he keeps some of his most powerful implements. You should never tell all your secrets, especially to those that might use them against you.

Remember, priests aren’t perfect, especially in movies.

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