Everything Wrong With “It” in 15 Minutes or Less

It’s understandable from a logical point of view that there are things wrong with IT, but there are still things wrong with the clip and with logic when it’s applied to this movie. A lot of this movie works on fate and emotion and doing the wrong thing at the wrong moment. The saving grace for CinemaSins in this moment is that the narrator actually claims that the movie is great, but of course then the sins continue to roll. Sure there are a lot of things that logic doesn’t account for or get along with in this film but there are just as many really that aren’t designed to work with a logical mind or any sense of what ‘should be’ or ‘couldn’t happen’.

Here are just a few examples.

Jump scares are common in pretty much any horror movie ever made. Their timing and use sometimes are suspect but so long as they produce the desired effect there’s not much point in worrying about them until they come around. Also, if anyone remembers what it’s like to be a kid then you should recall that running into things is pretty normal. Your attention isn’t as diverse as it is when you become an adult and as a result that means that you occasionally run into stuff that you should know is there. Kids also take a lot of things for granted, so the fact that Georgie is talking to a clown that’s standing in a sewer shouldn’t be too strange, particularly when you realize that It is a demonic creature that feeds on fear and then finishes the job once the prey is within reach and fully scared enough to be considered ripe. The creature also has a firm choke hold on the town and has for so long that the kids, being the only ones that can see It when the creature desires, are tortured continuously every 27 years, just long enough for each generation of survivors to move away and forget Derry or stay and slip into the mental fog that affects the many adults within the town.

There are some obvious sins like Bev being completely clean after she just had a trash can filled with crap water tossed on her, or how she gets clean after It vomits up an entire movie’s worth of blood from the drain. But the more illogical sins that are being ticked off one at a time throughout the clip, such as Pennywise messing with the kids relentlessly instead of just finishing them, is something that builds the story and, more to the point, is a character trait of the creature that is hard to understand but is taken by a lot of fans as something that just happens, like a cat with a mouse. The cat in this instance wants to scare the poor mice almost to death and then consume them, so It does everything possible to terrorize the kids and make sure that they’re not going to turn to the adults for help for fear that they’d be seen as crazy.

Really, if a demonic clown that your parents couldn’t see was giving you the business would you risk a trip to psychiatric ward?

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