Is Walt Disney Frozen Under A Theme Park?

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The words Walt Disney and Frozen together often make us think of the lovely Disney movie about Elsa and Anna and their quest to overcome the feelings of overwhelming everything Elsa feels with her ice powers. Of course, she’s a star; the music is good, the humor is on point, and it’s a Disney best. But that’s not always what people mean when they say Walt Disney Frozen in the same sentence. Walt Disney, the man behind the theme parks, the movies, and so much more, died in 1966 – and it is rumored he had his body frozen. Why? Let’s find out.

Walt Disney Was Born at the Turn of the Century

Walt Disney was born on December 1, 1901, in Chicago. Unfortunately, he took up smoking at a young age and did not take precautions. The cigarettes he preferred were not filtered, and he was a fan of the pipe. His lung cancer diagnosis wouldn’t shock anyone in 2022, but the world was shocked to learn Walt Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer in November of 1966. Unfortunately, his prognosis was not good, and he died only a few weeks later, on December 15. He was 65 at the time of his death.

Is Walt Disney Frozen?

The simple and direct answer is no. Walt Disney did not have his body cryogenically frozen. Following his death in 1966, the man behind the biggest theme parks in the world was cremated. The cremation took place two days following his death. The idea that he had his body cryogenically frozen is nothing but a conspiracy theory – though many would argue there is often a seed of truth in a conspiracy theory.

Credit: @disney

The Myth that Walt Disney is Frozen

Let’s start with the basic rumors about Walt Disney being frozen. Some versions of the rumor suggest he only froze his head and not the rest of his body (…why?). Other versions of the myth suggest that Disney’s body is frozen and stored beneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (that’s fun).

The rumors ran rampant in 2021 when a news outlet – not a reputable one – published a story titled, “55 Years After His Death, Walt Disney’s Frozen Body Will Be Thawed December 2021 In An Attempt to Bring Him Back to Life,” and it mentioned an exceedingly reputable company that specializes in freezing bodies. The company’s president quickly debunks that story and tells the world that Disney is not cryogenically frozen in its care. If the rumors are true, his body may be buried in a frozen chamber below a Disney ride. Of course, the truth is that he’s not frozen under Pirates, but we do love a good conspiracy theory about Disney’s frozen future.

Is Cryogenically Freezing Your Body a Real Thing?

Yes, it is. Some companies specialize in this. Some believe that as technology improves and is further invented, it can bring a person back to life after death. However, you cannot bring someone back to life if they cremate their bodies or decompose. According to a 2018 article in the Daily Mail UK, scientists believe they will be able to bring bodies back to life within ten years. This would mean by 2028, it would be possible to bring people back to life. If the article’s facts are accurate, approximately 350 people worldwide whose bodies are currently frozen await this.

Who Freezes Their Bodies?

Well, that’s a good question. Since hundreds of people are frozen across the world – and potentially more we don’t know about – it seems many people. Traditionally, the people who choose to freeze their bodies after death could be described as optimists. After all, a pessimist doesn’t pay to store their body in perfect preservation, do they? These people are also traditionally considered science-fiction fans. They may not believe it’ll happen shortly, but they likely believe that technology and modern medicine might make it possible in the distant future.

Credit: @disney

Also, the people who are freezing their bodies are wealthier. The cost of freezing one’s body is extensive, and it’s not something everyone can afford. The average cost of freezing your body is around $200,000. That’s for your entire body, though. Some believe that they only need to freeze their heads – why? We cannot answer that one. Freezing just your head means you pay only $80,000. The idea of freezing only your brain stems from the fact that people’s personalities, memories, and intelligence are stored there, and anybody will suffice. How any of that sounds appealing -coming back to life in some distant future where your friends, family, and life as you know it is gone, is beyond us.

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