Will Elsa Ever Have a Girlfriend in Frozen Sequels?

Will Elsa Ever Have a Girlfriend in Frozen Sequels?

Will Elsa Ever Have a Girlfriend in Frozen Sequels?

As Xandra Herbert of Screenrant proves, when there’s something to be said about whether or not a Disney character is going to be shown as gay there’s a LOT that some feel the need to say. For instance, some still think that the song Let It Go had gay connotations and that there’s plenty of reason why Elsa could easily be a lesbian thanks to her story arc and the absence of any man in her life. Some folks might want to look at other Disney princesses before they start making such claims while slamming their fists on the table upon demanding that Elsa have a girlfriend for Frozen 3, a movie that’s not even in the works according to Disney. It’s true that Disney will easily bend over backward rather than being slammed by those that claim the Mouse House is being difficult in any way, but this time the fans and the LGBTQ+ community might need to suck up a lot of pride and admit that while they’ve TAKEN Elsa as an icon for their own cause, and even if the cast and crew have accepted that she should have a girlfriend, she’s not the only princess to eschew the absolute NEED for a prince.

Anyone remember Merida from Brave? She actually made three young men look like fools as she decimated them on the archery range. Rapunzel saved Flynn more than once in Tangled, Tiana had to basically do everything, Belle had to basically tame the beast, and so on and so forth. J.J. Duncan of Zimbio has a list of princesses you might want to look at that are pretty impressive. The average princess these days isn’t the damsel in distress that those before them were since they’ve been shown as strong, independent, and absolutely fierce in many ways. So why would this mean that Elsa has to be gay just because she hasn’t found anyone? The LGBTQ+ community definitely has their own hang-ups like any other group in this world, but too often we get to hear how ‘hard it is to be yourself’ even after the message of ‘love yourself and who you are’ is embraced by so many. While horrible things have happened to said individuals in the past, acting like continual victims, especially in a case when it comes to animated movies, is becoming a little tiresome. One way or another it feels as though Disney is going to give in to the idea of include a gay, bisexual, or perhaps non-binary character at some point, but it won’t ever satisfy the LGBTQ+ community and for one reason: it wasn’t quick enough in their eyes. Their representation, despite being important, is still not what makes the kind of money that people are willing to spend on a Disney production, and unfortunately this means that Disney is going to pander to those that are paying the bills more likely than not. It’s business, it’s not personal, which is what too many people fail to realize when it comes to matters such as this.

The fact that so many are arguing over a FICTIONAL, ANIMATED character is kind of laughable, no matter how much that might offend the LGBTQ+ community. There are plenty of other concerns in the world at the moment, not the least of which is how anyone and everyone is going to get by, no matter what your sexuality is, or what community you belong to. But THIS is what people continue to chew on when they have nothing better to look at. Wondering why Elsa has been ‘hinted at’ as being gay but never confirmed is kind of hilarious really since a look, a touch, a glance, a song, all of it is based on the perspective of the individual, and can be taken in any way they see fit. If one looks through the eyes of another person they can see a difference in just about anything and everything, but the question is whether they’ll see the truth of it or if they’ll see THEIR truth of it rather than what was really intended. So yes, the cast and crew are fully on board with making Elsa either lesbian, asexual, or in some way more agreeable to the line of thinking that a lot of people have floated by the Mouse House, but so far the corporation has yet to really respond. And yet, the same people that do the griping are still willing to spend the money to see their ‘icon’, while continuing to moan about it. That’s kind of like eating at a restaurant you can just barely stand and still paying for the food that you like even if it’s not cooked in the way you enjoy. Here’s a tip, do it yourself, find a way to make your own production work, and stop hammering away at others to change for you. The world owes none of us anything, which is a lesson that a lot of folks appear to need from time to time. You want your representation? Find a way to make it happen on your own time instead of demanding others to change for you. Sage Anderson of Mashable has another take on this that you may or may not want to read.

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