10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hana Giraldo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hana Giraldo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hana Giraldo

It’s true that some people are given the gift of nepotism. They get to move up faster in the world, they have more opportunities, and they often get what they get because of the last name they share with their famous or important parent. Nepotism is not a negative thing – use what you’ve got and then prove yourself once you get what you want – but it’s often lauded as a bad thing. Hana Giraldo knows this all too well. She shares a famous last name thanks to her parents, and she’s now appearing on a reality show called “Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules,” as a way of proving that she can work hard, make things happen, and she is more than just the daughter of a celebrity. Don’t recognize her name? Here’s what you should know.

1. She is a Singer

She’s a singer, and she’s released some music and even music videos. She’s not yet a household name in the music scene yet, but she is someone who has made a name for herself and continues to grow in her career. Her music is online and easy to find, if you are interested.

2. She is an Actress

She’s also an actress. She’s a bit of a multi-talented young woman. She’s been in several Hollywood projects, and it’s easy to recognize her when you see her. She’s actually quite good, too, which is something that surprises many due to her famous last name.

3. She is a Fashion Designer

In addition to singing and acting, she’s also taken on reality television as a note on her resume. She’s adding that job alongside her job as a fashion designer. She’s multi-talented in many ways, and she’s also interested in many things. We wonder which thing she’s doing in life is her favorite?

4. She is a 90s Kid

Hana was born on March 12, 1994. She’s currently in her late 20s, though she could pass for much younger. Many are referring to her as a kid right now because the show she’s on right now is all about celebrity kids, but it’s clear to us she is really an adult.

5. Her Parents are Both Famous

You probably already guessed that her father is famed musician Neil Giraldo, but did you know that her mother is also famous? Honestly, she’s probably glad she didn’t grow up with her mother’s last name – it’s recognizable to everyone. Her mother is famed singer Pat Benatar, who is only one of the most famous names in the music industry.

6. She Was Bullied

Growing up the daughter of two famous musicians did nothing for her in terms of making her life easier. In fact, she was bullied regularly as a child, and it was difficult. She moved with her family to Hawaii following her life growing up in Malibu when she was in the fifth grade. The kids in Hawaii were awful to her, and she was afraid she would be a burden to her parents, so she sucked it up and dealt with it privately – but it hurt her significantly.

7. She’s Glad She Was Bullied

Now, she’s glad she went through that. She’s learned to develop a very thick skin that has made her adult life a lot better for her. She wouldn’t encourage anyone to bully or to allow bullying to continue without seeking help, but she used her experience for the better.

8. She Doesn’t Drink

We don’t exactly know why, but she chooses not to drink and that is not a bad thing. She doesn’t feel the need to go out often, though she will accept the odd invitation when it comes from a friend or her sister or someone she’s close to. She just isn’t into the nightlife and partying life that so many others are.

9. She Prefers Connection

Her life is about connection. She’d rather go somewhere she can have a conversation and get to know a person than somewhere loud and in party mode. She prefers to spend time being a bit of an introvert when she can, and we love that.

10. She is Humble

This is not a young woman who is out to seek attention or brag. She knows that her fans are why she’s gotten where she is in life, and she knows that she owes them everything. She interacts with them, she is good to them, and she is appreciative of them, and the same can be said about how she feels about her new show. She’s humbled.

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