10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cassandra Freeman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cassandra Freeman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cassandra Freeman

Growing up, Cassandra Freeman probably didn’t realize that the shows everyone was watching on television would become shows she might one day star in. For example, when she got the news she was cast as part of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” reboot, she probably never imagined she might one day get to live out, act, and experience first-hand what Will Smith and his co-stars were doing when they filmed this show in the 90s. Being that she is part of the new cast for the reboot, her name is everywhere and the world wants to know more about her.

1. She is a 70s Girl

She doesn’t look like a woman born in the 70s, but she was. She was born on October 1, 1978, which means she will soon celebrate her 43rd birthday in 2021. She clearly takes care of herself, because she does not look like she’s in her 40s.

2. She’s From Florida

She might not live in the Sunshine State now, but Cassandra Freeman was born and raised in Florida. Specifically, she was born and raised in West Palm Beach. We are unsure how long she spent living in the area, but it is home.

3. She Stars in Blue Bloods

She’s worked on many projects in Hollywood since becoming an actress, but her role in this show was probably one of the coolest. Not just because she had such a cool cast to work with when she was on the show, but because she got to do it more than once.

4. She is a College Grad

When it was time for Freeman to go to college, she chose Florida State University. She was a Florida State Seminole who graduated with a degree there before heading straight to New York. Following her FSU graduation, she left the Sunshine State for New York to attend the NYC Tisch School of the Arts. It was here she obtained her MFA.

5. She’s the New Aunt Viv

Everyone is so excited to get to see the new cast of the reboot, and we cannot wait to see Aunt Viv. She’s a fan favorite, and now Cassandra Freeman gets to play the coolest mom of the 90s. We all wanted an Aunt Viv in our lives when we were growing up, and now she gets to be the mom/aunt we all loved and adored.

6. She Always Finds Lightness in a Person

Freeman once said in an interview that, “no matter how heavy a character might be, I never lose sight of the fact that there must be lightness in this person,” and that is something we think might just stick with us. No matter how dark a day or how dark the times are, there is always light to find in someone, in something, and around us.

7. She’s A New Yorker

She might be a Florida girl at heart, but she’s made a home for herself in New York. She didn’t just go to college to obtain her MFA there. She ended up finding another home in the city, and she is currently living, working, loving, and enjoying herself while calling Brooklyn home. It’s been home for some time, and she’s loving her life in the city.

8. She’s Inherently Private

For a woman who has been in the industry so long, she’s inherently private. She does not discuss her personal life or the many things she has going on when she’s not on camera. She simply doesn’t do it. She talks about work, inspiration, and about things she is passionate about, but she does not discuss the personal things in life.

9. She Loves Family

If there is one thing most important to her in her life, it’s her family. Her husband, Tom, her son Hudson, and her life at home are the most important to her. We know this because these are the first things she mentions in her Instagram biography – and that tells us just how important they are to her.

10. She Believes in Being You

Scrolling through her Instagram feed is fun because we get to see a lot of her work, her adorable little boy and husband, and her life behind the scenes. But, what we really notice is Freeman’s captions. She’s a woman who knows that there is nothing more powerful than simply being yourself. Be you in a world full of other people who should be focused on being them, and you cannot lose. Be you. You are amazing.we cannot wait to see Aunt Viv

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