10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jeremy Hershberg

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jeremy Hershberg

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jeremy Hershberg

After two successful seasons in the United States, Love Island will officially be returning for season three in July 2021. Many of the cast members were recently announced, and Jeremy Hershberg is proud to be one of the guy’s on the list. His handsome face and killer abs make him the perfect fit for a show like Love Island, and he’s hoping to find money and love all at once during his time on the show. Of course, Jeremy will be up against some serious competition, but if things go according to plan his charming personality will be more than enough to get him coupled up. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Jeremy Hershberg.

1. He’s An Aspiring Actor

For some cast members on Love Island, being on the show is somewhat coincidental, but that’s not true for Jeremy. He has a page on Backstage.com which shows that been making an effort to get in front of a camera. The fact that Jeremy has been trying to break into the entertainment industry does raise some red flags about his intentions as a cast member on Love Island. There are a lot of people who may assume that he’s simply doing the show as a way to get his name and face out there.

2. He Loves To Workout

Jeremy has put a lot of time and effort into keeping himself in great shape, and it’s something he’s very passionate about. He being in the gym and working out is an important part of his regular routine. Needless to say, he’ll probably be spending a lot of time without his shirt on during Love Island.

3. He Travels Often

From what we can tell, Jeremy lives in New York, but he loves to get out and explore other places. Not only has he traveled all over the United States, but he’s been to other countries as well. Some of the destinations he’s gotten to visit are Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro. No matter where he goes, though, he loves being near the beach.

4. He Studied Exercise Science

Jeremy’s love for fitness isn’t just a hobby for him. He attended the University of North Georgia where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science in 2017. He has been putting his degree to good use by working as a certified trainer for the last couple of years.

5. He Loves Movies

Not only does he have dreams of being an actor himself, but Jeremy is also a big movie buff. Watching movies is one of his favorite ways to spend his free time. He even started a separate Instagram account called cinemaphoric where he posts clips and photos from some of his favorite movies.

6. He Has A Large Instagram Following

Being a cast member on Love Island will probably boost Jeremy’s social media following, but he’s already done a good job of building his presence on his own. He has more than 22,000 followers on Instagram and it looks like people just love to see his fitness content.

7. Family Is Important To Him

Jeremy doesn’t post about his personal life very often, but he’s posted enough to make it clear that family is something that means a lot to him. He appears to have great relationships with his parents. It’s unclear whether or not he has any siblings. Being family-oriented is definitely a quality that the ladies on Love Island will find attractive.

8. He’s A Dog Person

Having a pet is one of the most special things a person can experience. The bond between humans and their pets is truly indescribable. Jeremy is lucky to say he’s been able to know that feeling. His Instagram posts show that he is a dog person and he has a pet golden retriever named Bailey.

9. He Was In A T Pain Video

Jeremy hasn’t landed any acting roles in movies or on TV, but he has had another cool opportunity. He was in the music video for T Pain’s 2018 song “May I” featuring Mr. Talkbox. To date, the video has gotten well over two million views on YouTube. Being on Love Island will likely open up even more opportunities for Jeremy.

10. He Likes Video Games

Jeremy is all about staying active, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to sit around from time to time. Jeremy also loves to play video games and the highlight section on his Instagram profile suggests that he owns a Playstation 5. Even though he likes games, it doesn’t appear that he’s a hardcore gamer by any means.

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