Is Scarlet Witch Going to Take On the Illuminati?

Is Scarlet Witch Going to Take On the Illuminati?

Is Scarlet Witch Going to Take On the Illuminati?

It would appear that the more we learn about the Doctor Strange sequel, the more likely it is that things are going to highlight various parts of the MCU that people don’t pay much attention to, such as the fact that Wanda, in her grief, enslaved an entire town, while Stephen threatened an entire world thanks to the desire of a young man that wanted his secret identity to be restored. When one weighs the two against one another, the mental instability of the Scarlet Witch isn’t entirely forgivable, but it’s easy to understand when compared to the willful disruption of the natural world by someone that should be mature enough and wise enough to know better. Peter Parker’s story is tragic and undeniably tough since a good part of it wasn’t his fault, kind of, but Strange knew better than to mess with reality, and he did it anyway. What it means, essentially, is that Wanda’s supposed judgment by the Illuminati, or anyone for that matter, wouldn’t feel nearly as justified as the judgment that should come to Stephen Strange. 

This matter brings to mind the continuing idea that superheroes are, at times, no better than villains since the collateral damage they cause during one battle or even in certain situations can be massive, and unfortunately, a lot of characters aren’t ever made to pay in any way for what they’ve done. The argument that heroes are doing what they can to keep this type of damage from happening falls a bit short since the truth is that even if they’re needed to stop villains from doing worse, they still end up creating a lot of problems that leave a trail of destruction behind them. One can’t help but think of the mental instability that was left behind after Wanda left Westview. And when all was settled, she was allowed to live in seclusion where she continued to study how to control and possibly enhance her power. 

But it would appear that the Illuminati, the powerful group of highly intelligent individuals in the Marvel universe that are essentially the moral arbiters that pass judgment on people, are going to show up and attempt to pass judgment. One can imagine that Wanda isn’t going to be in the mood to take this since like it or not, she hasn’t been in full control of her emotions, and the effect she enacted in New Jersey affected her as well, at least until she came to terms with her grief and became as much antagonist as protagonist. While there was a response to this, one couldn’t help but think that there would be others watching and trying to decide what to do, since the disruption of the fabric of reality is not taken lightly. Of course, in the comics, this type of thing would be taken care of quickly, but in the MCU we tend to need to wait to see how things will develop since it’s not bound to be like the comics, as we’ve already seen. Still, the fact that Wanda is being brought to task for her actions doesn’t appear to sit well with her, as within the trailer it would appear that she’s going to come in with guns blazing, so to speak, as she looks ready to take on all comers, including the Illuminati.

Depending on who is going to make up the group in this movie it could be an interesting moment, or it could be anti-climactic as hell since if the presence of Professor X is going to be confirmed, this fight could be quite intriguing. Some might say that Professor X should be able to shut Wanda down immediately, as he’s one of the most powerful telepaths in the world and should be able to find a way to put her down quickly. But the problem with this is that if Charles doesn’t push the right button in Wanda’s mind, he could unleash a power that can warp the fabric of reality in a very quick and devastating manner. This fight wouldn’t be easy, but a powered-up Wanda doesn’t sound like a fight that anyone wants. But, if the Illuminati is made up of members that are just as powerful as before, then there’s a good chance that Wanda might be walking into a fight that will be tougher than she realizes. 

The fact is that with Wanda learning how to control her power and how to refine her ability, this kind of fight wouldn’t favor anyone else unless they were primed for a fight and completely ready for it. But seeing Wanda with the desire to blitz someone, especially if she’s fully rested and ready to rip the fabric of reality wide open, then there aren’t a lot of people that can stop her. Doctor Strange and Multiverse of Madness is coming soon, so it’s easy to be excited about what we’re going to see. 

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