Is Quentin Tarantino a Better Actor or Director?

Is Quentin Tarantino a Better Actor or Director?

Is Quentin Tarantino a Better Actor or Director?

This type of question would no doubt irritate a lot of people that are big fans of Quentin Tarantino since saying anything about him in a critical manner is usually enough to make people spring to his defense. The loyalty that he’s gained from his fanbase over the years isn’t hard to notice, and it’s not tough to see why since some of his movies have been quite interesting. But the fact is that while many people are willing to give him credit for just about anything, some might actually take the time to make it known that while he’s accomplished a great deal,  he’s not quite as good at one part of his career as some might want to believe. Saying he’s not a good director would likely make people laugh since it’s kind of ridiculous considering how well his movies have done over the years. There are moments when it feels as though his ego has become a little too big and his ‘genius’ is manufactured and built up by the fans to be made more than what it really is. 

But that’s not an argument that I’m trying to get into at the moment, since trying to make a decision on which is lacking, his directing ability or his acting ability, tends to make it clear that the latter is the more likely of the two. Some would still laugh at this since a lot of people have enjoyed him in several movies over the years, and wouldn’t think of speaking against him. Even stating that his acting has shown only slight variations between one movie and another is likely to gain the ire of his fans since once again, a lot of his fanbase wouldn’t criticize him if they were paid to do so. That’s admirable in a way, but it’s also kind of unnerving since it means that many upon many people don’t tend to see the iniquities that this man has, but would rather focus on the positives that have been seen in his career over the years. 

Much of the criticism that has been spoken and written when it comes to Tarantino leads toward his acting ability, since like it or not, the guy isn’t horrible, but he hasn’t gotten any better over the years. When he was younger there were moments when his acting felt inspired and even great in a way since he went to the edge and sometimes went over. But the fact is that while he was good at one time, his acting really isn’t that great any longer and hasn’t been for some time. Again, people are going to argue and perhaps say anything they need to to make certain that Tarantino’s name isn’t being besmirched, but it is a belief that Tarantino is better off behind the camera than in front of it. Some movies have made it clear that he can adapt to a script when he needs to, but these are typically movies in which he’s a bit player and isn’t bound to stick around for the rest of the movie. His time in From Dusk ‘Till Dawn was fairly entertaining, but it didn’t feel authentic the entire way through since his timing was off and his character, despite being creepy and disturbed, came off as hard to believe in some spots. 

In other roles he’s either been less important than those he’s acting alongside, which has made him either easy to dismiss or easy to enjoy since depending on the capacity in which he appears, people either see him as someone to like or someone to just ignore and not worry about. His directing is another matter since the movies he’s made have been well-respected and help up as great examples for others to follow, even if the subjects he covers are considered controversial at times. There are plenty of people that would argue over this point as well, as it’s fair to say that he tackles several subjects that give people plenty to talk about. The fact that people go nuts over Tarantino’s movies and elevate them before they’re ever released is a good reason why it’s fair to say that he’s a much better director, and will be remembered as such. 

Many people have their own opinion about Quentin Tarantino and many people have a good idea of what he’s all about. But when it comes to his efficiency as a director, that’s tough to say anything about even if there are moments in the movies that don’t appear to be quite right. Any criticism coming his way however is bound to be heavily scrutinized. Bus as far as wondering which role he takes on best, director or actor, the former is a role that Quentin appears born to, while the other appears as though it’s something to do in his spare time. 

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