10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rilah Ferrer

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rilah Ferrer

Becoming a parent during high school isn’t something that most people plan on, but as we all know – things happen. When Rilah Ferrer unexpectedly became pregnant, she was scared and overwhelmed. With the help and support of her boyfriend, Anthony, and her mother, Rosa, Rilah prepared for the journey ahead. She also decided to share her story with the world as a cast member on the TLC series Unexpected. The show follows several young expecting mothers as they try to navigate the world of parenthood. After appearing on the third season of the show, Rilah decided not to return. Even without the cameras, however, there are a lot of people who are still invested in Rilah’s story. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Rilah Ferrer.

1. Her Mom Was A Singer

Rilah isn’t the first person in her family to spend some time in the spotlight. Her mother, Rosa, was a singer and dancer who achieved some success with a hit single in the 90s. At that time, she was performing under the state name Rochelle and her song “Praying For An Angel” is considered one of the best Chicago freestyle songs of all-time.

2. She And Anthony Aren’t Back Together

Having a relationship during high school is challenging. Most teenagers aren’t ready to take on a serious level of commitment, and throwing a kid into the mix just makes things even harder. Although Rilah and Anthony tried to make it work, they eventually decided to go their separate ways.

3. She Has An Account On OnlyFans

Just because Rilah is no longer on the show doesn’t mean she isn’t putting on a show of her own. She has an account on the premium content platform OnlyFans which is known for being a place for x rated content. People can subscribe to Rilah’s account for $20 per month.

4. Unexpected Is Her Only TV Experience

As far as we can tell, Unexpected is the only time Rilah has done any sort of TV show. By the looks of things, she doesn’t appear to have any desire to return to Unexpected, but that doesn’t mean that she’s written off reality TV for good. If the right opportunity comes up for another show, we may get to see her on our screens again.

5. She Felt Like Editors Purposely Cut A Lot Of Her Footage

Lots of people were shocked when Rilah announced that she would be leaving Unexpected, but she certainly had her reasons. In a series of tweets, she explained her decision to leave. She said that she felt producers took a lot of her personal time to record for the show only to have most of her scenes cut.

6. She Isn’t Worried About What Haters Have To Say

Being on any kind of reality TV show means opening yourself up to criticism from complete strangers, but that criticism can be even worse when the entire show centers around you being an unwed teenage mother. As you can imagine, Rilah had to deal with lots of negative comments from viewers, but she never let their rude remarks get the best of her.

7. She Filed A Domestic Violence Charge Against Anthony

Rilah and Anthony’s relationship certainly wasn’t smooth sailing and it looks like there may have been some violence involved. Anthony was arrested in October 2019 after Rilah had him arrested for domestic battery. According to Starcasm, Anthony was placed on probation for nine months.

8. She’s A Brand Ambassador

Since being on unexpected, Rilah has built a large social media following that includes over 100,000 people on Instagram alone. Such a large following has given her the chance to help businesses market their products and/or services. She currently charges a small fee for people to have her promote their products on her social media page.

9. She Loves Getting The Chance To Interact With Fans

Rilah’s experience on Unexpected wasn’t great, but it wasn’t all bad either. There were a lot of viewers who found her story interesting and inspirational, and she loves getting the chance to interact with those people. In 2019, Rilah even helped one of her fans after the viewer reached out to her and expressed that she could use some money for food.

10. She’s Very Active On Social Media

If you’ve been wanting to keep up with Rilah since her departure from Unexpected, the good news is that you can. She’s very active on social media and has done a good job of providing updates on her personal life. Of course, she also shares photos of her adorable daughter.

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