Is Morbius DOA Already?

Without having seen the movie yet it’s tough to fully agree with those who have been given the chance to watch Morbius, but the current reviews aren’t much of a surprise to be fair. The reason for this is that the story of Morbius is fairly well-documented in the Marvel universe, but finding that many people that care enough about it to get excited is tough. Like it or not, this is the type of character that might be awesome when it comes to what he can do, but the truth is that Morbius hasn’t been a major player throughout the years. He’s had his shot at being popular, there’s no doubt about that, but Morbius is still more of a side character whose story didn’t take off as many thought it would. He’s been seen to share the spotlight a lot of times, but while he’s also had his own adventures, for one reason or another, Morbius was never considered a big name in Marvel. Compared to characters like Spider-Man, the Avengers, and many others, Morbius isn’t really the type of character that people have rallied around. 

Jared Leto’s acting ability is, plain and simple, hard to deny since he has taken on one role after another and done his best. It’s true that some folks think that his talent can’t be questioned, but others have made it clear that while he’s a popular actor, Leto isn’t really for everyone. As the character of Morbius it’s not tough to think that he could have put in a great role, but what’s disconcerting is that after so many delays and rescheduling, the movie should have been able to become a thing of perfection, or something close. But the reports thus far are that the CGI is horrendous, and the story is kind of a snooze-fest. That’s not the greatest build-up to be fair.

This movie was kind of a surprise to hear about since as mentioned above, Morbius isn’t the most popular character that Marvel has ever produced, but with so many other characters being introduced into the movies and over streaming channels it’s apparent that pretty much anyone is up for grabs so long as those presenting them have the rights to them. Morbius was an odd choice when Spider-Man has so many other enemies and various characters that might still fall under Sony’s sway, but there was a healthy amount of anticipation leading into this movie. Maybe fans are still excited, since listening to someone else’s opinion doesn’t always work on others. It’s not tough to think that plenty of people are still going to make their way to the theater on April 1st when the movie is released. If the critics and fans continue to find this movie kind of a bust and don’t end up contradicting the reviews that have already come, it’s easy to wonder if a sequel will be on the way, or if fans will be hoping that this movie will become an admitted mistake. The MCU has several movies that don’t conform to the comics the way people are expecting, and Sony has done this as well. 

Something about Leto’s style of acting doesn’t hit the right note for a lot of people, but apart from the CGI, it sounds as though the screenwriting might be a big culprit when it comes to the criticisms of this movie. Bad writing can derail a movie rather quickly, but then again, using screenwriters as scapegoats for a movie that fails to wow the audience is kind of a common excuse that has been used more than a few times. The director has to take a certain amount of blame, as do the actors, but when critics and fans start giving their opinions concerning a movie, the flood that’s usually soon to come isn’t bound to stop when the fingers start pointing and people start making their own deductions over who’s to blame for why the movie didn’t do what was expected. Morbius did appear to have killer special effects in the trailers, but as it often happens, the best stuff can usually be found in the quick clips that are shown to get people excited. 

It’s probably best to hold onto any judgment before seeing the movie since the words of fans and critics can be a bit misleading at times, especially since the expectations of so many different people can sway a person into thinking one thing or another. It’s easy to take someone else’s word and make snap judgments based on this and nothing else. But perhaps there are a few redeeming elements of the movie that people might find when they head to see it next week. If nothing else, it could help if there’s enough material in the movie that might lead to it being tailored to connect to another Spider-Man or MCU movie. 

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