A Blade and Morbius Crossover Makes Sense

A Blade and Morbius Crossover Makes Sense

A Blade and Morbius Crossover Makes Sense

It feels kind of obvious that this should be fated to happen, right? After all, Blade is a vampire hunter, and Morbius is a living vampire. They’ve tangled and even worked together in the comics before, but meeting up in a movie might be a long-time coming if it happens at all. What should happen isn’t always what’s going to happen, after all, since there are a lot of projects coming to the MCU at the moment, and a pairing between the MCU and Sony isn’t bound to be as big of a priority at the moment, no matter what the fans are thinking. It’s been made evident that this idea does have a good deal of merit and could end up coming around, but the feeling is one that states that it might be years in the making. That could be inaccurate, but at this point, it’s more of an idea than a measurable reality. Perhaps one of these days when people are sitting in a darkened theater watching trailers they’ll see this idea finally crop up, but by then, many of us that write about such things will already know about it, which means that a lot of people will know. 

In the meantime, it’s fun to think of the level of connectivity that could occur between Sony and the MCU if the two would find a way to make it happen since many of the characters that are a part of Spider-Man’s universe happen to have interacted with a lot of the MCU characters that are currently a part of the lineup. The various characters that have populated the comics have been seen to crossover more than a few times over the course of comic history, usually because they’re involved in the same story, or because they’re simply in the same region. New York City has been a hotbed of hero and villain activity for a long time now, with various other stories taking place in many different areas, from the grandiose to the most obscure locations that one could think about. 

For Morbius and Blade though, the concrete jungle of the city has always been home, since both of them, even if they do travel from time to time, find themselves a little more well-suited to the skyrises and dark alleyways than they might to the open plains and the wilds. Both characters can operate just about anywhere at any given time, but the city is where they appear to be at the most ease when it comes to what they do. Seeing either one of them in an open and exposed area doesn’t sound like something that’s bound to work. A run through the alleyways and streets of the city would be far more impressive with these two characters as well since the various ways that a city setting could produce an impressive battleground for Morbius and Blade would no doubt become a visual delight for the fans that would love to see this happen. It doesn’t feel as though adding in other heroes would be an idea that might be possible unless those in charge were thinking that it could be another epic movie, but it would certainly bump up the interest in it since the more heroes a movie has, the more likely that the talk leading up to it will run rampant with theories and create a series of expectations that would rise and fall with each new rumor. 

If there’s anything that’s more fun than keeping people guessing before a movie comes out it’s seeing how people react when their expectations are either shattered or not met at all, since the criticisms that take the place of any expected praise is kind of amusing given that people build up the movies they want to watch far too much. Many tend to forget that Sony and the MCU have their own plans in mind and aren’t bound to take what fans want and operate solely on the basis of keeping them happy. They’ll do what they think is necessary to make such a thing happen, not what people are wanting to see and will demand from time to time. The fact that people think that they have any outcome on the movies is funny indeed since petitions have worked in the past to some degree, but for the most part, they’re taken as suggestions, or ignored entirely, as the petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 tends to prove. 

That’s why the idea that fans want this to happen is touching, but not entirely realistic, especially since if it does happen, it will be due to the people in charge finding the time and resources necessary to make it work. Fans don’t always get what they want, but there are times when they get wind of something that could happen and tend to think that if they shout loud enough and long enough that it might work. If this does happen it will be because it was the best decision to make, not because people are willing to shout their lungs raw. 

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