Five Ways that Morbius Can Integrate into the MCU

Five Ways that Morbius Can Integrate into the MCU

Five Ways that Morbius Can Integrate into the MCU

With Morbius the Living Vampire about to finally make his way to the big screen after so many delays thanks to the coronavirus, a lot of people are obviously wondering how in the world Morbius could possibly become another part of the MCU as he’s been a part of the Marvel universe for so many years. The deal that could possibly be struck between Sony and Marvel for this story is one that would benefit both, hopefully, since Morbius is a relatively unknown character compared to many others, but he’s also a character that can change up the nature of the MCU in a way that would open up the street-level scene in a big way. Morbius has been a part of Spider-Man’s story for a long time now and is one of those that switch from villain to hero, or rather anti-hero, so often that it’s tough to know what he is at any given moment. What is easy to ascertain though is that despite belonging to SOny, he would p[probably be more than a little effective in the MCU as well.  Here are five ways that Morbius could possibly be integrated into the MCU.

5. The Vulture connection should lead somewhere. 

We do get to see Adrian Toomes in the trailer so it’s fair to think that he’s going to have more to do with this character in the future, which would be kind of cool since Spider-Man has so many enemies that it’s tough to count them all. But if Morbius is kept as a villain, or switches back and forth in live-action as he’s done so often in the comics, he could be the type of character that would shake things up in a very interesting way. Maybe the Vulture would finally take on a truly dangerous look and become a much more impressive enemy with Morbius around, but it’s hard to say for certain. 

4. This story could be a lead-in to Blade.

Mahershala Ali’s time to shine in the MCU hasn’t come yet but it’s on its way, and in the comics, Blade and Morbius have gone up against each other and have worked together as well toward a common goal. It’s definitely odd to hear of a vampire and a vampire hunter working together, but perhaps their first meeting would be less than hospitable since it’s fair to think that Blade would be doing his best to send Morbius off to whatever end he felt the vampire deserved. It would be a good fight, there’s no doubt of that since Morbius is a tough individual, but Blade isn’t a slouch when it comes to what he does. 

3. There’s too much going on to notice Morbius.

One has to remember that we’re not so far removed from Endgame that the MCU has moved on entirely. Depending on if any similar happening has occurred in Morbius’s timeline, it’s fair to think that he could just slip in and not be noticed as much unless it’s by the street-level heroes that keep a close eye on such things. Even then, the bodies might have to stack up before anyone would really notice, since like it or not, in the world of superheroes and villains, there are plenty of issues that need to be dealt with in order to even notice others that are taking place, and even Morbius could go unnoticed for a while. 

2. They exist in the same universe.

This is probably the least likely possibility since the next option would be the only way to tie everything together. It would be great if Sony and the MCU could come together and create an entire universe together, but one can imagine that Disney might actually step in and try to take the biggest bite out of the pie, so to speak. If they did exist in the same universe it would be a little easier to notice since it’s already been established that the multiverse exists, but there are plenty of steps yet to be taken to show the similarities between one world and the next. Sony has been fully intent on following their own vision, so it’s nice to think that Morbius exists in the same universe as the MCU, but it could be that he’s living in an alternate world at this time, and probably is. 

1. The Multiverse.

This is the biggest tool to use for inclusion since it can retcon just about anything while making the claim that we haven’t seen certain individuals or groups yet because they don’t exist in this universe, while they exist in others. Some might call the multiverse one giant cheat that can be used to explain away anything that doesn’t make sense to the fans, but in truth, it’s something that can be used to expand the MCU and bring in a vast number of characters and situations that could help to create an even stronger link between Sony and the MCU. 

If the MCU can’t buy the rights to Spider-Man and the many characters associated with him they might as well play nice and help the stories to merge with one another. 

Adrian Toomes

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