Tom Holland Teases Potential Spider Man 3 Story

Spider Man

So one potential disaster has been averted thus far as there will be a Spider-Man 3 that will see Sony and the MCU playing nice once again as Tom Holland and Zendaya return to their respective roles to help sort out the cliffhanger that the second movie left wide open. For those that don’t remember or didn’t watch the movie, Far From Home ended with the contingency plan laid by the main villain, Mysterio, revealing Peter Parker’s secret identity and claiming that he’d set in motion a plan that would kill Mysterio, thereby implicating the wallcrawler in his death and making him a recognized public enemy. One has to wonder how Peter is going to be getting himself out of this situation and just how much a Jonah Jameson character, whoever gets picked to play it, is going to absolutely love such a story. After all, Jameson has actually been counted as one of Spider-Man’s enemies throughout the years if only because he’s been so anti-Spider-Man that it’s become an obsession of sorts. Ryan Scott of MovieWeb is speculative about the movie, but apart from the little bit that’s been gleaned from Holland there isn’t a whole lot to say about the movie as of yet considering that he’s been busy promoting his most recent release, Onward.

As to how insane the third movie will be it feels safe to say that it’s going to have to be off the hook to contend with the second one since things have been building up throughout the MCU in a big way and are seriously starting to get kind of nuts given what’s been happening in some of the movies. There’s no longer an Iron Man, Thor is off with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America passed on the shield, there’s a rumor that Hulk might not get his own movie, and Spider-Man is being accused of murder. Chris Smith from BGR has more to say on this. It’s almost like the comic books were thrown at the theater scene and hit a high-powered fan on the way there and were shredded into bits that we’re only now seeing pieced back together in an attempt to create something recognizable but still new enough that people won’t feel that they’re seeing the comics being recreated panel for panel. Given the enemies we’ve seen Spider-Man face off against in this current version it’s hard to say just who might show up next since if you take a running tally we’ve seen the Green Goblin, Sandman, Venom, Doctor Octopus, the Lizard, Rhino, Electro, the Vulture, and most recently Mysterio. And just think, that’s not even a quarter of the enemies that Spider-Man has faced in the past, since his enemies number in the dozens at the least, and he even shares a few with other individuals that he’s teamed up with over the years.

Just trying to think about who might show up next is kind of an effort in futility since a lot of people want to see Kraven the Hunter, while others might want to see someone that could give Spider-Man a truly hard time, despite the fact that a lot of his enemies have done a great deal to test him time and again. Whoever gets picked for the task it kind of needs to be someone that’s going to force him between a wall and a hard place in a big way since Mysterio has already made it impossible for him to hide considering that his name is bound to be looked up and broadcast by the time the third movie gets rolling. The implications of this of course are so great that one has to wonder what it’s going to do to the story as a whole and what it will do to Peter and MJ’s relationship since being attracted to a young man that’s likely to be seen as a fugitive might not go over too well. But all in all it’s nice to see Sony and the MCU playing nice for the most part since otherwise people were likely going to have a conniption wondering if Sony was going to mistreat the wallcrawler in the same manner as Maguire and Garfield, who were both good enough to don the mask but were subjected to horrible story lines after a while.

It’s exciting enough to realize that Spider-Man 3 is going to happen when a lot of people were thinking that it might not have a chance. But now that we know it’s coming one can only assume that the rumor mill is going to start churning at full tilt since obviously everyone will want to know the particulars and who might show up in the coming movie since Spider-Man is kind of an everyman when it comes to Marvel, he has a place in a lot of different stories, so thinking that others might show up in his isn’t hard to figure.

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