5 Movie Character Pairs You Didn’t Realize were The Same

5 Movie Character Pairs You Didn’t Realize were The Same

5 Movie Character Pairs You Didn’t Realize were The Same

If you look at any given movie you might be able to divine that there are set formulas for many different movies to follow according to their genre. If you look a little closer you might even discover that there are a great many similarities between characters in different movies. This can lead a person to wonder if those characters are in fact the same people or are otherwise facsimiles of one another that are changed just enough for their particular film. In other words, it’s almost like a mold was made for certain types of characters and then the different aspects were added in later. It seems a bit lazy on the part of Hollywood really, but in some films it’s allowable due to the vast differences that surround the character.

Here are a few characters that you might not have realized are essentially the same.

5. Stephen Strange and Tony Stark

They’re both insanely rich, both highly skilled, and they’re both quite arrogant. On top of this each man suffered a horrendous accident that vastly impacted their health and performance, leading them to rethink their lives and in the process try to push everyone close to them away. The differences obviously come in when Tony becomes Iron Man and Strange leans towards the mystical arts, but until then there are a lot of similarities.

4. Rocky Balboa and Mickey Ward

Both men have had a hard life, Rocky perhaps harder than Mickey. Ward is a real person of course, but his story is still able to be related to that of Balboa. Both of them have love interests that they want to attract and an annoying relative that must be dealt with. Once again the extremes of their surroundings is what divides them.

3. Cole and Jake

Cole comes from The Sixth Sense, whereas Jake comes from Stir of Echoes. Both boys are highly sensitive to the spirit world and can communicate with ghosts. They are both scared to death of them as well, but Jake definitely has a better handle on it since he only deals with one spirit in his movie. Poor Cole has to deal with them everywhere he goes.

2. Rey and Peter Quill

You might be scratching your heads at this but hear me out. Both of them are quite cocky because they’ve had a rough upbringing and know that being tough is the only way to get by. They both have no idea who their father is, and both of them are known to scavenge what they need in order to get by. From that point on they are as different as night and day, but with several similarities still present. Eventually they both realize they are bound for greatness.

1. John Wick and Robert McCall

They’re the guys that are content to just go on living their lives because that’s all they want is a simple existence. But they’ve both done things in the past that are highly questionable and no doubt violent. When pushed, they push back even harder and become the person that no one wants to see coming. The difference is that John Wick is a known name while Robert McCall is a virtual stranger to his enemies. Both of them are trained killers though that don’t mess around when it’s time to get down to business.

If you really look at a bunch of movies you can see the correlation between characters.

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