Is Johnny the Worst Cast Member in Married at First Sight History?

Is Johnny the Worst Cast Member in Married at First Sight History?

Is Johnny the Worst Cast Member in Married at First Sight History?

Like lots of other reality dating shows, Married at First Sight started with seemingly good intentions. Over the years, however, the series has gotten a bit of a bad reputation. Not only does it have a low success rate, but it appears that the ‘experts’ are purposely matching incompatible people for the sake of creating entertaining TV. In fact, over the last few seasons, we’ve seen an increase in cast members who seem to be more willing to play the villain than they are to be a loving spouse. Johnny Lam is one of the latest to fit this description. As a cast member on season 13, Johnny has been ruffling a lot of people’s feathers. He initially looked like perfect husband material, but once his true colors started to show, many people felt like his wife, Bao, got the short end of the stick. While it’s true there have been lots of unlikeable cast members in MAFS history, Johnny has found his way at the top of the list. Keep reading to see why Johnny might just be the worst cast member in Married at First Sight history.

He Has No Emotional Intelligence

Part of being in a healthy relationship is having the ability to understand and manage your own emotions while also being able to interpret and respond to other people’s. Johnny doesn’t seem to have either of those things. He perceives even the slightest disagreement as a full-blown argument, and he doesn’t have the capacity to communicate his emotions effectively. This would be a problem even if he was in a relationship with someone he liked, but it’s especially obvious since he doesn’t even like Bao enough to make any extra effort.

He’s Emotionally Abusive

During the first few episodes of the season, Johnny seemed like a genuinely nice guy. He expressed his excitement about getting married, and he appeared to be thankful to be paired with Bao. By the end of the honeymoon, however, it was obvious that he wasn’t really as into Bao as he initially made it seem. Of course, there’s no crime in not liking someone, but the way Johnny has repeatedly criticized and belittled Bao is borderline unbelievable. In addition to criticizing everything she does or doesn’t do, Johnny has also made it a point to tell Bao that he doesn’t find her attractive. According to Verywell Mind, emotional abuse is described as “a way to control another person by using emotions to criticize, embarrass, shame, blame, or otherwise manipulate another person.” That description fits Johnny’s behavior to a T.

He Wasn’t Really Ready For Marriage

When people sign up for shows like Married at First Sight, you’d think they’d actually be ready for the commitment that comes with marriage. However, it’s very clear that Johnny isn’t in a place mentally or emotionally where he’s ready to be anyone’s husband. Essentially, Johnny wasted Bao’s time by not even being willing to give his all to the experiment.

He Doesn’t Take Accountability For His Actions

Everybody makes mistakes and that’s a part of life that we all have to accept. But while Johnny is an expert at pointing out Bao’s mistakes and shortcomings, he never actually acknowledges any of his own. For some reason, Johnny is under the impression that all of the problems in his relationship are because of Bao. So far, he hasn’t really acknowledged where he’s fallen short.

He Doesn’t Even Know He’s The Villain

This one may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually probably the thing that makes Johnny the worst cast member. On the surface, there are quite a few other cast members who appeared to be worse, but on some level, they were all pretty upfront about the fact that they were jerks. Some of them even leaned into their role as the season’s villain. Johnny, on the other hand, sees absolutely no problem with his behavior. In fact, he probably thinks he’s a really great guy. This means that the version of Johnny that we’re seeing on the show is probably close to the person he is in real life.

He’s Manipulative

Not only has Johnny been manipulating Bao’s emotions in an attempt to keep her hanging on, but he also has everyone else fooled. When Johnny talks to the “experts” or the other cast members, he always goes out of his way to paint a picture that makes him look innocent. If you only hear Johnny’s side of the story, you might actually believe that he got a raw deal by being matched with Bao. The truth, however, is that Bao is the one who got played in this whole experiment.

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