The Five Best Products of Shark Tank Season 10

The Five Best Products of Shark Tank Season 10

Shark Tank Season 10

Since Shark Tank was launched on ABC in August 2009, viewers have seen many entrepreneurs receive the funding they have needed to take their business to the next level and to become successful. This reality television series gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business to successful businesspeople in the hope that they will receive funds in return for a percentage of their business. This helps them to take the steps they need to either launch their business or to expand. Each season, viewers watch entrepreneurs present a range of innovative products or services. While some go home empty-handed, others impress the Sharks enough to get the money they need. Season 10 of the series has seen some amazing and innovative products, some of which have hugely impressed the Sharks. Here are the ten best products from season 10 of Shark Tank.

1. Cup Board Pro

There was a tear-jerking episode where three siblings went on Shark Tank to ask for $100,000 in exchange for 20 percent equity in the business. They were pitching their product on behalf of their late father, a former firefighter who had died of cancer. He had invented an eco-friendly chopping board with a detachable section for food waste called the Cupboard Pro. Sharks Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, and guest Shark Matt Higgins teamed up, investing $20,000 each. They also agreed that their share of the profits would go to a firefighter’s charity. Within 18 hours of the episode airing, 26,000 Cup Board Pros were sold. No doubt their dad would have been very proud of the pitch his children delivered.

2. Moki Car Door Step

Alyssa and Zach Brown, a nurse and fireman from Connecticut, presented their insanely simple idea to Sharks and got a shock result. The Moki Car Door Step makes it easier for people to unload their stuff form their car roof rack, says Product Hype. Alyssa, who is only five feet tall, came up with the idea after struggling to unload her own car. Initially, the couple has asked for an investment of $150,000 in return for 5 percent equity in the company. Daymond John was very interested in the product but he wanted a different deal. He ended up buying the whole company from the couple for $3 million. Therefore, the founders of this company became instant multi-millionaires. Prior to appearing on Shark Tank, the couple had already raised some funding on Kickstarter and sold $110,000 of their product. They were also in talks with a car roof rack company about a licensing agreement. It was for these reasons that they valued their business at $3 million. Daymond John was so impressed that he put in an offer, which the couple rejected as they did not want to give away too much equity. They said they may as well sell it outright if they were going to give that much away. This led to John buying the company outright.

3. Yumble Meal Delivery Service

Meal delivery services are all the rage right now, but Yumble Meal Delivery Service found a gap in the market as they focus on the delivery of healthy meals for kids. The founders of the company were featured in the eighth episode of season 10 when they offered a six percent stake in their company for an investment of $500,000. The Sharks were impressed and Bettheny Frankel gave them exactly what they asked for in their presentation. This healthy eating business is right up Bettheny Frankel’s street, as she is the founder of the Skinnygirl range of products. The founders of Yumble, David and Joanna Parker, have since been able to take their company national thanks to Frankel’s investment.

4. Bear Bowl Folding Outdoor Cook Pot

The Bear Bowl Folding Outdoor Cook Pot is the invention of Corey Santiago of Spokane, Washington. The keen hiker and camper wanted to design a product that was useful in the outdoors that would not take up space in a backpack. To move his business forward, he asked the Sharks for $100,000 for 25 percent equity. Shark Jamie Siminoff shook on the deal in the first episode of the season. Prior to appearing on Shark Tank, Santiago used Kickstarter in a bid to raise funding. He initially hoped to raise $1,000, and this goal was reached within hours. Eventually, he went on to raise $48,000. When Santiago and his wife Heidi entered the Shark Tank, the investors were impressed by the hardworking duo as they were working multiple jobs to make their business dream come true. Although they were initially reluctant to accept Siminoff’s offer, it was a good decision as they are now on the road to success with their product.

5. Ski-Z Ski Roller

Ski-Z Ski Roller

According to CNBC, Nick Palermo and Kyle Allen came up with an innovative idea when they launched Ski-Z that solved the common problem for skiers of how to carry your skis. They invented a way to roll your skis up the slope so that you don’t have to carry them. They asked the Sharks for $50,000 for 15 percent equity. Barbara Corcoran was interested but she wanted a 25 percent stake in exchange for her $50,000. Allen and Palermo agreed and shook on the deal. Corcoran is a passionate skier herself and has often posted about her skiing trips on her social media accounts. Therefore, her interest in investing was probably influenced by her personal passions. On the episode that featured this product, the founders of the company asked if Corcoran would give them a line of credit in the future if it was needed in addition to the initial investment. Corcoran was happy to do so but said they should have included this in their deal in the first instance.

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