Comparing “The Losers” to “The A-Team”

Comparing “The Losers” to “The A-Team”

Comparing “The Losers” to “The A-Team”

There’s no doubt that fans of both groups are going to stand up and start extolling the virtues and skills of each team, and that’s to be expected since both teams are pretty cool and every member has their own area of expertise that makes them vital to the team. But for this article, we’re not going into the TV show or the comic book versions since people are bound to bring up anything and everything that can go into an argument over whether one team has the edge or not. Personally, having grown up watching reruns of The A-Team, I never thought it got much better until Hollywood offered up the equivalent of ‘hold my beer’ and started pumping out action movies that had to do with military figures that were either still a part of the military or had become renegades for one reason or another. From the A-Team to Universal Soldier and eventually, to The Losers, things have been building so much over the years that trying to say which group is better has become damn near impossible simply because there are so many great examples out there to watch and enjoy. 

But getting down to it, The Losers and The A-Team were both movies that didn’t exactly shock and amaze at the box office, but were still enjoyable due to their impossible but entertaining antics. When one really takes a long and serious look at this, they both specialized in doing the impossible, since after listening to military experts, and former soldiers, it’s become easier to see that even the most gullible individual might finally realize that a lot of the actions taken in both movies simply aren’t possible, at least not with the given situations they happen in. For instance, flying a tank is not going to happen, and even slamming into a body of water is going to turn the people inside into puddles of goo due to the velocity with which they’ll hit. Also, a sniper isn’t bound to take a shot from one building to another, through glass, and with a friend standing in front of their targets. It makes for great cinema, but not for a realistic situation. 

That’s the thing with both movies, they provide great cinematic entertainment, but not a lot of realism. But then again, how many people go to the movies to see something realistic? There’s a debate to be had there no doubt, but the comparison between these two movies is very simple to see since both groups have a distinct purpose, though the A-Team might be a little more driven when it comes to helping others, while The Losers tend to help themselves in the movie. But to be fair, they’re both out to clear their names after being framed for something they didn’t do, and both groups are composed of specialists that are capable of doing just about anything they need to do in order to complete a mission. Where they differ is that Hannibal is usually several steps ahead of his opponents, while Clay is definitely good under pressure and is smart enough to outmaneuver his opponents, but it doesn’t feel as though he’s much of a chess player when it comes to a situation. Plus, no one on the A-Team actually betrayed the group, as Roque did in The Losers. 

To be real, that was kind of a blow to the group since Roque was one of the stronger fighters in their unit and knew how the team operated, which was why things became so much harder up until the end. The A-Team didn’t have it easy either, but they were at least able to rely on each other and not worry that one of them might start helping the other side. That’s one advantage this team has over The Losers, but it would be interesting to see them pitted against one another just to see who might have the biggest unrealistic edge, since a confrontation of this magnitude would have to go over the top in a lot of ways to be entertaining since both teams are well-known for accomplishing what no one else could possibly do thanks to everything from the laws of physics to the movie magic that makes so much possible. 

Seeing them going at each other head to head would be a lot of fun until they realize that they’re essentially on the same side and might want to accomplish the same goal, especially since seeing how they would react to each other would be kind of cool. The numbers game would be dicey since one more specialist on the Loser’s side could make things difficult, but in terms of what both groups could do and how that would play out, it might make for a great story. The bottom line is that The Losers and The A-Team are more alike than a lot of people might realize, but in a confrontation it feels that it would be too close to call on this one since their skills are so incredibly diverse and could cancel each other out.

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