Is Bella Thorne’s Relationship History Really That Dramatic?

Is Bella Thorne’s Relationship History Really That Dramatic?

Is Bella Thorne’s Relationship History Really That Dramatic?

She began her career as a Disney Channel star, or did she? Bella Thorne is most famous for her role as CeCe Jones on Shake it Up, a hit Disney Channel show that she starred in from 2010-2013. She was quickly branded a Disney star, which means there are some seriously high expectations placed on you by the world. You’re the child other kids are looking up to. Being a Disney star means being a good role model, following some pretty strict Disney guidelines, and most people pigeonhole you into a very specific place in life whether you want it or not. Bella Thorne did not want to be the girl from Disney her entire life – as many don’t…we’re looking at you Miley Cyrus – and she made that very clear with her many controversies. Her personal life might be more controversial than the folks at Disney prefer, but the world finds her fascinating. She’s dated some high-profile people in her life, and fans are currently asking whether or not Bella Thorne is dating, and is her relationship history really that dramatic?

A Quick Glimpse at Bella Thorne’s Difficult Childhood

What many people do not know about Thorne is that she only began working as an actress to help support her family financially. She was born in 1997, and she is one of four kids. Her father was killed in a car accident when she was only 10, and that left her mother to raise four kids on her own. The family struggled financially, and all four kids went to work as actors. She spent much of her childhood being bullied because of her learning disabilities (she was diagnosed with dyslexia in elementary school). In 2019, she stated in an interview with ABC that someone she was raised with both sexually and physically abused her from the time she was six until she turned 14. Her life was not an easy one.

The Timeline of Bella Thorne’s Most Famous Relationships

She became involved in serious relationships at a young age. She was only 14 in 2011 when she became involved with a young man by the name of Tristan Klier. They dated for approximately three years before they ended their relationship. No one knows why this couple broke up or whether it was dramatic, but it appears that they simply grew up and apart from one another at the same time. She was single for about a year before meeting and becoming involved with Gregg Sulkin, an English actor. They were together for a year until 2016. Their relationship didn’t last long, but it appears that they decided together that they will love and respect one another forever, but they cannot be a couple. It was after this relationship that she told the world she is bisexual, though it would be some time before she dated another woman. Following her 2016 breakup, she and Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey got together. They were not together long, but this was the first relationship in which she would see the world cause a little drama for her in her romance. She was photographed spending time with singer Charlie Puth, who she says was nothing but a friend to her, after breaking up with Posey – but because she and Posey had not announced their split, the world branded her a cheater.

Things really started to get out of hand for her when she was spotted spending time with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex and baby daddy, Scott Disick, in 2017. He’s famous for having a thing for the much younger ladies, and she would have been only 20 at the time – so it fits. They didn’t do much more than go out a few times, but it was highly publicized. Before 2017 was over, she entered into a relationship with Tana Mongeau that would last more than two years. And here is where things get a little crazy. She and Tana Mongeau decided they wanted to be part of a thruple, which means they invited a third person into their relationship. That would be Mod Sun. That relationship did not last, either, and she began dating Benjamin Mascolo in 2019. They were engaged to be married, but they announced in June of 2022 that their relationship is over. Perhaps that was due to the fact that she tried the polyamorous thing again when she was engaged to Mascolo. This time, she was rumored to be seeing her production assistant, Alex Martini, for some time.

Is Bella Thorne Dating Now?

While we cannot confirm that this is true, it seems that Bella Thorne might be dating actor Ryan Eggold. He’s famous for his roles in shows such as The Blacklist and New Amsterdam. The couple reportedly arrived together to a dinner party in the Hamptons which they didn’t even make it to the party because they were busy hanging out together outside. We simply don’t know if Bella Thorne is officially dating the actor or if they’re simply friends who met for the evening or what. However, it seems she’s moving on from her broken engagement either way.

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