10 Things You Didn’t Know about Daisy Head

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Daisy Head

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Daisy Head

She’s a young, talented actress who has made quite a name for herself in Hollywood. Daisy Head is still just getting started, though. She’s done some great things in roles like the one she plays on “Guilt,” or on “The Syndicate,” and even in Hulu’s “Harlots,” and she’s showing no signs of stopping. Fans have been watching her for years in such cool roles, but they realize it’s time to get to know the actress as a person more than just as a character. She’s so diverse and interesting, and we can tell you all about her right now.

1. She’s Young

She’s still in her 20s as of 2020, but not for too much longer. She’s a Saint Patrick’s Day baby born on March 17, 1991. This means she’s going to celebrate the first year in her 30s shortly after the New Year begins in 2021.

2. She’s English

She was born and raised in England. She’s technically from a town in London called Fulham. She grew up there, went to school in Bath, and stayed nearby with her sister and her parents. We don’t know if she still resides in or around London, though.

3. She’s a Trained Dancer

In addition to being an actress, she’s also a trained dancer. She trained at the Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance. She also attended the Kingswood School when she was growing up. She has a very good education.

4. Her Dad is Famous

Daisy Head has a familiar name because she shares her last name with her famous father. He’s an actor, too. His name is Anthony Head, and he’s known for his roles in things like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and so much more. He played the role of Rupert Giles, and he was a huge fan favorite.

5. She’s Got a Famous Sister

She’s not the only famous child in the family. Her older sister, Emily Head, also took after their father and went into the school of acting. She has had many famous roles, and she’s also loving her life. She also gets to say she did something super cool, which was that she was a classmate of Adele growing up.

6. Her Entire Family is Famous

We’ve already touched on the fact that her father and older sister are both famous actors, but did you know that her entire family is pretty much a famous set of actors? Her mother is Sarah Fisher. Her grandmother is Helen Shlinger. Her uncle is Murray Head. She’s got a lot of talent in the family.

7. She Doesn’t Appear to Use Social Media

If there is one thing that many people can count on, it’s that virtually everyone uses social media. Well, Daisy Head does not seem to do that. She has accounts, but they have nothing on them. She’s got on Instagram photo, she’s got a Twitter page with one post from 2017. She appears to not want to use social media, and we think that’s a very cool thing she’s doing. It’s so overrated.

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar is Like an Older Sister

She grew up on the Buffy set, and SMG was someone who was very close to her growing up. Since her father starred on the show alongside the famous actress, she always got to hang out with her and get to know her. The fact that the actress feels that Daisy Head’s performance in “Guilt” leaves her astounded makes her feel good.

9. She’s Passionate

If there is anything we can say about her and the work she does, it’s that she is nothing short of passionate. She puts her all into every role she has, and she never does a mediocre job. She does what needs to be done in addition to adding to it as much as she has to offer. She’s a huge fan of being part of allowing people to escape and find pleasure and enjoyment in their lives. It’s a big deal to her.

10. She’s Starring with Her Dad

She is not on “Guilt” alone. Did you realize that she also stars in the show alongside her father? He plays the role of James, and they get to work together. When she was growing up on the set with her father, she probably never thought they’d be on a set working together. What a cool thing to be able to do, to work with your own dad when you have the chance to follow in his footsteps. They must both be so proud.

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