10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelly Dodd

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelly Dodd

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelly Dodd

Real Housewives of Orange County bad-girl starlet Kelly Dodd has been in the news a lot lately. If you’re not familiar with the show, you’re missing a great reality TV drama. We’ve all heard the rumors about the sex train, and while that’s exciting and dramatic, there’s a lot more to her than the latest rumor. Like all TV personalities, there’s a real live person behind those news stories. So we decided to go digging and see what else we could turn up about her. We found ten exciting facts about Kelly that you probably don’t already know.

1. She Allegedly Abused Her Mother (More Than Once)

Elder abuse is a pretty serious charge. Kelly might be a reality TV star, but it seems like her real life is full of enough drama to do a spinoff show on its own. While there’s no definitive proof, there is one (admittedly forced sounding) video of her mother putting on makeup and talking about various abuses when prompted. According to that video, her mother claims (when prompted to do so) that Kelly hit and scratched. She also says Kelly told her she wanted her dead and pushed her down a set of stairs in front of witnesses. We’re not sure if this is true or whether it speaks of several incidences or one event. You’ll have to watch and draw your own conclusions about what you believe.

2. Her Brother Dished About Her

According to AllAboutTheTea, Kelly’s brother Eric opened up about how she got on the show, and it wasn’t just for her good looks and sparkling personality. You may remember he lived with her and their mother during Kelly’s first season. If what he says is true, she wouldn’t be on the show without them. The network interviewed all three, and her spot on the show was conditional. Eric claims she begged both he and their mother to move in with her so she could be a star.

3. Abusive Relationships (SMH)

We don’t know why people in abusive relationships stay together. All the psychoanalysis and explaining in the world doesn’t make it an excellent choice or even one that makes sense. However, according to her Instagram account, the family was back together for lent (in February). We’re not sure if it lasted and they’re still unified or not since episodes are filmed in advance of their air dates. Neither her mother nor her brother looks happy in the picture, and we’re not feeling the love.

4. Vicki Gunvalson Accused Her of Gold-Digging

On a show called ‘Real Housewives of Orange County,’ accusations of gold-digging are almost as certain as someone getting a tan and plastic surgery. However, there are times when it gets a little over the top. Vicki posted to social media about how Kelly’s “…only job is to find rich older men who want an arm ornament.” The statement was very derogatory about Kelly’s character overall and called her volatile. Vicki seemed to imply that Michael was paying her for her time and that Kelly needed to get a job to be independent and afford a better home.

5. …And Drug Use

During the Season 13 reunion, Vicki accused Kelly of cocaine use. Indeed, if the allegations of her other behavior are correct, then using drugs would explain away some of the other alleged conduct. We aren’t going to weigh in on whether Kelly hurt anyone or did any drugs. She certainly says she didn’t and claims that “It’s like character assassination.” She went on to explain that her daughter has lost friends because their parents watch the show and read social media. Those parents allegedly now believe or wonder if Kelly would do such a thing.

6. Divorced Twice (From The Same Husband)

Kelly was married to Michael Dodd… twice. The second time she was attending Octoberfest in Munich, Germany when the news broke. Far from sad, she extended her vacation. It was not long after that she was dating and having parties at her posh bachelorette pad, which she dubbed “The Love Shack.” The truth is, we don’t know why the couple divorced either time, but it wasn’t meant to be.

7. The Time Vicki Helped Michael Get a Date

Michael Dodd can’t have been too broken up about his second divorce from Kelly because he accepted Vicki’s help in getting dates. Reportedly Vicki even doubled with him a couple of times. Perhaps this is one case of all’s well that ends well, but it certainly didn’t end with Kelly and Vicki remaining friends.

8. Next, She Dated A Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brian Reagan was popular on and off set with the RHOC cast. He told Page Six that his lovely new girlfriend didn’t need much work done to maintain her look. However, Brian was happy to dish about co-star Shannon Beador, whom he also worked on. The Doctor shared her skin secrets and how the fifty-five-year-old looks so young because of microdermabrasion, botox, and other medical treatments. Apparently, both women had ‘awake’ surgeries where they weren’t put under. Say what you will, but any person who has medical procedures done to their face and stays awake to watch it is tougher than they look.

9. Oh Dr. Brian

Kelly may have called him Dr. Love, but several of his patients called him to court for malpractice. In his twenty years of performing plastic surgery, Dr. Reagan has been sued at least seven times. That’s a number he claims is about half the average for most plastic surgeons. To his credit, none of the charges have ever stuck, and none of the OC housewives seem to mind since they visit him reasonably often.

10. It Just Didn’t Work Out

It wasn’t too long before Dr. Brian, and Kelly split amid allegations that he cheated. While he solidly denies that it was ever true, Brian says he regrets ever being involved with reality TV. Kelly, however, seemed pretty confident he was unfaithful. In fact, she was so sure that she moved right along to the next new squeeze. Kelly says she met Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal in the Hamptons. They hit it off well, and she claims he’s more respectful of her than Dr. Brian. We’ll see how long he lasts.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to imagine what could possibly come next for bad-girl Kelly Dodd. One thing is sure, we’ll all be reading about it in the tabloids soon enough. When we started this story, we thought we’d find some heartwarming hidden gems to share that might make a good counterpoint to all the bad press. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything like that. Sometimes a show just needs drama, and Kelly brings that in spades. We can say one thing for her; Kelly always gives us something interesting to watch.

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