An Important Message From Stan Lee and Marvel You Need to Listen To

An Important Message From Stan Lee and Marvel You Need to Listen To

Stan Lee is a man that likes to talk but he’s also a man that likes to make sense when he talks, so this message is fairly important to listen to. You might have heard in many different forms from many different people but Mr. Marvel himself has a different kind of spin on it that you might want to listen to.

The message is pretty simple: we’re all a part of the human family. If you’re wondering why he would say anything resembling this overly vague statement it’s because at this time our country is as close to tearing itself apart as it’s been since the Civil War, as some would have us believe. We have a president that is worried more about his daily tweets and his spat with the NFL than he is about the pressing matters that really need his attention. There are riots happening in an untold number of cities and have been in place since the conclusion of the election. People are protesting based on race, religion, and anything and everything they can in order get the attention they want for their cause.

Everyone is acting on the most base instincts of human nature, except for one of them. Stan Lee’s words are a bit vague and even silly at some points but he makes a good speech when he calls for unity and a desire to see people stand for humanity rather than for the divisions that we create to define people. Humanity is at this point a fragile thing that is best described as a free falling experience that has no end in sight but continues to pick up speed as it falls straight down and into the abyss.

Hope for a better day could be the wings we need to pull out of this self-imposed nosedive, or some unforeseen development of a new power that could possibly levitate us free of the overwhelming storm that we’re continually traveling through. Hey, it’s Stan Lee talking on behalf of Marvel, I’m allowed a little bit of fantasy at least.

The point is that Lee’s message is something that more and more people should be preaching and not simply hoping for.  Any and all effort to make any headway in getting people to realize that being human is what keeps us all sailing in the same direction should be made, and the effort should always be considered worth it to keep in mind that you are no better or worse than your fellow human. We’re born the same, we breathe the same air, we bleed the same, and in the end we pass on the same way. Being human is a stunning miasma of emotions and physical sensations that come together in a crashing, jumbled mess that makes no sense at all sometimes, but it’s what we’ve got, and it’s what being human is all about.

The effort to pull together is what unites us, and being human is what makes us all the same inside and out.


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