Celebrities Who Stayed With Husbands Who Cheated

Celebrities Who Stayed With Husbands Who Cheated

When a man cheats on his wife in Hollywood it becomes a humongous scandal that fans either can’t believe or feel inclined to spread around as the juiciest piece of gossip to ever hit the tabloids. Whether or not all the facts are true, the issue becomes something worthy of scrutiny in less time than it takes the word to hit the street. However despite the fame and notoriety that go along with cheating spouses when it comes to celebrities, sometimes it pays for the couple to stay together, no matter how bad the situation seems to get. Perhaps as celebrities one person is always afraid of what might happen to them if they’re no longer seen with their famous beau.

Here are five celebrities that stayed with cheating (or allegedly cheating) husbands:

5. Beyonce and Jay-Z

This is one of the biggest rumors that has sparked throughout Hollywood. While some don’t believe that rapper Jay-Z would ever dare cheat on his wife, others would gladly denounce him as a cheater and even go so far as to claim that Beyonce would be better off without him. Despite the accusations however, Beyonce has shown no real intention of ever giving up on her man.

4. Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Despite the very real fact that Duhamel has been caught cheating Fergie, the pop singer originally from the Black Eyed Peas, has seem to forgiven him and decided to move on with their marriage. Fans everywhere seem to agree that they go well together, but there’s no telling what goes on in that relationship away from the camera.

3. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton

This one was a barn burner for certain. Not only were the Clinton’s high profile at the time of this discovery, but Bill Clinton was actually impeached not long after it was discovered that he’d had extramarital relations with another woman. Despite the embarrassment and the public humiliation however Hillary still keeps him by her side and supports him as much as is possible. Either true love is really that strong or the convenience of having him at her side when she runs for office is too good to pass up.

2. Camille Cosby and Bill Cosby

This is no doubt one of the more controversial decisions ever made in the history of Hollywood considering what has come to light about Bill Cosby in recent years. Camille and Bill were together for quite some time before his indiscretions came to light. But one has to wonder how long did she know or suspect that he wasn’t being faithful. In favor of not tearing a family apart it seems a poor decision to stay with someone you know is cheating in order to keep the family secure. Somehow it doesn’t seem to work that way most times.

1. Vanessa Bryant and Kobe Bryant

Money seems to go a long way to making a grand apology. After being caught cheating by the world more or less, Kobe actually dropped four million dollars on an apology ring for his wife. Most men would think of flowers, a night out, or something equally as sweet or even empowering, but obviously Vanessa isn’t that easily mollified.


Without being a celebrity it’s easy to sit and say “why”, as in why do people stay together after such obvious acts of infidelity. One answer might be that in Hollywood it’s better to be seen with one’s spouse and present a well-adjusted front than stand alone and be the target of the gossip rags. That’s one answer anyway.

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