Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Make Shaun of the Dead Quarantine PSA

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Make Shaun of the Dead Quarantine PSA

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Make Shaun of the Dead Quarantine PSA

It’s evident that even the celebrities are already getting a bit bored during the pandemic and yet are more than willing to show people something that they can laugh at as this rendition of Shaun of the Dead is pretty funny when you really look at it. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have been entertaining people for years with their antics on the big screen and it’s been seen that once they went their separate ways that they’re still capable of entertaining people since Pegg went on to join the Mission: Impossible crew and Frost has done a few different things throughout the years, not the least of which have been joining the Into the Badlands cast and appearing in Fighting with my Family, the story of how the wrestler Paige came to the WWE. Both men have been incredibly busy but given that the current state of things, thanks to the coronavirus and the human reaction to it, have been kind of dodgy lately, not to mention hectic and even a bit frustrating, it’s sill nice to see that the celebs are willing to have a bit of fun while still getting out the message via PSA that people do need to stay in their homes and avoid going out as much as possible. Sara Spary of CNN has more to say about the matter. To be fair it is pretty funny to think that this is the advice given during Shaun of the Dead when the zombie outbreak was in full swing and people were being killed off by the dozens.

In the history of zombie movies, the LONG history of zombie movies, Shaun of the Dead is likely one of those that a lot of people are bound to remember since it was so ridiculous that it was funny, but it was still gory enough to be considered worthy of standing alongside such classics as Dawn of the Dead and several others. There’s been a great deal of comedy concerning the undead throughout the years and it’s not hard to see why since despite the seriousness of it there’s plenty of material that can be used since apart from being flesh-eating monsters, zombies do have a few character quirks that are kind of funny. Kevin P. Sullivan of Vulture has a list of such movies that you might want to check out. Injecting comedy into such movies is pretty simple and a few movies have had some success doing it while others have tried and kind of flopped since they might have gone a little too far, such as Warm Bodies, in which the zombies actually started coming back to life, meaning fully to life as their hearts started to beat again. Shaun of the Dead thankfully didn’t go that route as it stayed dark enough to be considered a horror movie but also kept things just light enough in some areas of the movie to insure that people could laugh. After all, who couldn’t laugh at the scene of Shaun walking hung over to the corner market, missing every single sign of trouble along the way, only to make his way home, still not seeing a single thing wrong even with zombies slowly shuffling after him, to plop his butt down on the couch?

At least with the coronavirus there’s little to no chance that someone is going to just enter your home if you leave the door unlocked or partially open. And there’s no chance of someone trying to eat your internal organs with COVID-19 either, so it’s a definite upgrade from any zombie movie. The virus does need to be taken seriously without any doubt since at this point the world isn’t that far into it, but things are already starting to look bleak depending on who a person talks to. Keeping your sense of humor about you though is important during these times since otherwise being depressed all the time isn’t just bad for one’s mental health, as eventually it can become bad for your physical health as well. Learning how to laugh in adversity is something that some folks have a hard time doing, but if you can laugh during a horror movie even with the knowledge that things aren’t looking too good for the protagonists, then trying to bring that same sense of humor to your own life when things aren’t going that well should hopefully help to lighten the mood and brighten someone’s day just a little.

Shaun of the Dead was definitely a different type of horror movie but it was one that a lot of people had fun with since it wasn’t taking itself so seriously and it was out to have a good time while holding up the integrity of the zombie movie at the same time. The fact that the guys chose this moment to use as a PSA is kind of amusing but also bound to be recognized and appreciated by a lot of fans.Simon Pegg

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