Five Things You Didn’t Know about Rovio Entertainment

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Rovio Entertainment

The Angry Birds Movie

Rovio Entertaainment is the Finnish company that is responsible for the top rated game “Angry Birds.” Recent news releases share that the company experienced a 7% rise in its stock market debut. Trading of Rovia shares reached an initial level of 51.2 million shares being exchanged, and at the close of the day, the company profited some $35 million in gross profits with a current market cap of around $1 billion. They’re doing very well, but here are five things that you didn’t know about Rovio Entertainment.

1. They have plans for expansion

Rovio is doing so well with the success of their gaming products that they plan to enter into the serious business of acquisition. Because profits are up and the business is remarkably stable, the company is looking to use the additional funding to acquire other game makers. This is a smart move that is likely to move them into a superior position in the gaming industry.

2. “Angry Birds” is a franchise that is taking over the commercial scene

The game has become so insanely popular that some of the major characters are now being used under licensed apparel. Both birds and piggies from the game are being placed on hats, sweatpants, boxers, shirts and other wearables. There is even a soft drink that now falls under the franchise, manufactured by the Olvi company. They include the flavors: Space-Comet, Lagoon, Paradise and Tropic.

3. The time and cost to create “Angry Birds” will shock you

While the game is such a phenomenal success, it is quite surprising that it only cost around $100,000 in total to crate it. There were only four people involved in the making and it took them 8 months from start to finish. It wasn’t even a high priority for the Rovio company, and it met with much higher success than they ever imagined possible. Upon its release, the game jumped to the number one position in App Store charts in less than three hours of its launch. It was originally released in December of 2009 on the Apple iOS platform, but met with such success that it quickly spread to Windows Phone, Symbian and Android. It also travelled to PCs and video game consoles.

4. “The Angry Birds” are everywhere in the world now

This isn’t just a game that you can play on a multitude of devices, mobile included. The Birds are also being featured in several theme parks including The Sarkanniemi Adventure in Finland, and two different attractions in the country of China. Malaysia also joined in the fun with an Angry Birds theme park that is located at Johor Baharu City Centre. You can also find your favorite Angry Birds in the stuffed/plush toy format. You can also find these toys available from the spinoffs of the original game and they are offered in the Angry Birds shop online.

5.Even celebrities are getting hooked on “Angry Birds”

Some of our favorite celebrities and people in high positions of authority have admitted to playing the game in their spare time. These include Anna Kendrick, JustinBieber, Pete Wentz, Angelina Jolie, Conan O’Brien, Kylie Minogue, John Hamm and the Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron.

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