10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tricia Ana

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tricia Ana

Tricia Ana

Sometimes you are barely known, and then you become friends with someone who is ever in the limelight, so you become a celebrity too. Tricia Ana was not known until she got married to Akon, and now that she will be on television for season six of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” people are wondering who she is. She already is attracting negative attention by breaking up with Akon on camera, and fans do not like her voice. If you are wondering if there is more to her than her relationship with Akon, then here is everything you need to know.

1. Her plastic surgery cost $ 1 million

Maybe the late Michael Jackson set the pace for celebrities to go overboard with transforming their looks. Anyone who knew Kim Kardashian as a teenager would now pass by the star since she is looks nothing like her former self; the same goes for Lil Kim and Dolly Parton. Unfortunately, the nip and tuck come with a high cost, and Tricia did not mind passing the bill on to her then-husband, Akon. Tricia underwent a considerable transformation that cost Akon a million dollars, but looking at her before and after pictures, she looked beautiful even before going under the knife. Still, she is lucky she did not come out with regrettable looks after spending that amount.

2. She was one of Akon’s wives

Akon has never hidden the fact that he is polygamous, a culture that is acceptable in many African countries. He believes no woman can satisfy all of a man’s needs; hence, he seeks satisfaction from various women. As far as many reports have concluded, Akon has as many as seven wives, although the legally married one is Tomeka Thiam. There was also Rachel Ritfield, who broke up with the singer after realizing she was not ready to share her man with anyone else. Tricia Ana and Akon got married in Africa in a private ceremony, but the two ended their relationship recently.

3. She moves on very fast

The things people do for love will have you wondering if love exists. After spending a whopping one million dollars on his wife, Akon still got dumped. According to MTO News, the two were not legally married. Consequently, all Tricia had to do was walk out of their marriage, which she did. Immediately after, she posted a photo of herself licking another man’s forehead. Additionally, her marriage to Akon was never blissful; the two were on and off, and when they had temporarily broken up, she hooked up with Mickey Munday, who was Akon’s artist.

4. She takes a long time to let go off her romantic feelings

Tricia may have broken up with Akon, but she might take some time to get over him, as seen from her relationship with Munday. When she and Akon took a hiatus, Tricia went back to Munday, but then after rekindling her love with Akon, she and Munday broke it off. The weird thing is that even after going back to Akon, she was not over Munday, who had moved on with Slick Woods. When Tricia and Munday met on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” where they are also castmates, Munday told Tricia he was happy with Slick Woods. Tricia could not take it, so she said that Slick is not Munday’s type, perhaps because she believed she is the only one who can make Munday happy.

5. She signed on to join the reality show

Tricia must have been hungry for attention because, according to some sources, she is the one who wanted to get on reality television. Akon does not seem to like the show, even going as far as calling it propaganda. Akon was only there to support Tricia since by then, she was his wife and to create a storyline. According to Akon, capturing the studio building in LA was all for the cameras to help with the storyline.

6. How she and Akon met

Love doesn’t ask why, and it does not think twice, at least, according to Celine Dion. Love can be found anywhere, and the workplace has been the best place to find your soulmate. Bill Gates met his wife Melinda in Manhattan during a press conference while Michelle Obama was assigned to supervise a summer associate from Harvard called Barack Obama. Similarly, the love story between Tricia and Akon began during a record label meeting when the two were introduced.

7. Her work

It usually is challenging when you start dating your boss because then you wonder how to behave in the office. Besides, the other employees might feel like you are using your body to climb the corporate ladder. We have watched in “Dynasty” and real-life when Jennifer Lopez dated her dancer Casper or Heidi Klum, who dated her bodyguard, Martin. Tricia also dated and married Akon, who is her boss. Tricia is the A & R for Akon’s Konvict Music Label, according to Dredds. With their relationship going sour, Tricia will be lucky if she keeps her job.

8. She has four children

Although there is not much information about Tricia and her past, she has four children. It is not clear whether she once was married hence the children or if they are from different relationships. It is, therefore, no wonder that she could not wait to be on the reality show given that the cast gets paid handsomely for their appearances. After all, she has four mouths to feed.

9. She has a thing for artists

From the men she has dated, it is evident that Tricia prefers men in the entertainment industry. Akon is a rapper, songwriter, and record label owner. He also is an actor and revealed his political ambitions in October 2018. Mickey Munday, on the other hand, is an actor and rapper who caught Tricia’s eye.

10. She does not mind showing off her curves

On her Instagram, Tricia describes herself as a mother, entrepreneur, and entertainer. While she has not amassed a massive following, she uses every opportunity to flaunt her body. Her account is full of pictures in which Tricia poses seductively.Dolly Parton

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