Paul Rudd Joined the SNL Five-Timers Club

Paul Rudd SNL Five-TImers Club

People’s most recently chosen Sexiest Man Alive Paul Rudd has been very busy over the last few years with various projects that hit fans of all genres. While the actor was always mostly known for comedy, getting his breakout role in “Friends” as the husband of Phoebe Buffay at the end of the show. Most recently however Pual Rudd is currently Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his Apple TV show with Will Ferrell “The Shrink Next Door” just ended, as well as the most recent “Ghostbusters” movie and others. Paul Rudd has had more than his memorable share of moments from SNL appearances, it was almost a surprise to hear that he joined the Five-Timers Club and that he wasn’t already a member with his numerous and memorable performances. Below, we’ll go into detail on Paul Rudd, his SNL history, and the interesting event when he joined the Five-Timers Club.

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd has been a favorite for many for his quirky and unique personality that he brought on and off the screen. His works that stuck with most of us the hardest are without a doubt “40-Year-Old Virgin”, “Knocked Up”, “Wet Hot American Summer”, and “Anchorman’. Some of the more serious roles the actor has played include his work on “The Shrink Next Door”, “The Catcher Was a Spy” and others but the comedic side of the actor has long appeared to be the preferred method of the actor, especially as he has always come off as a very naturally funny person. Paul Rudd’s comedic abilities appear to not be questioned regardless, being as the actor has joined the infamous SNL Five-Timers Club, which earned him the wonderful jacket to go along with the rare and prestigious comedy title. Paul Rudd has seemed to of taken part in many different genres of movies and television, mostly on streaming services, such as his Netflix show “Living With Yourself” which featured a clone of him coming to life, thinking it was the original version of Paul Rudd. While season two of the show was expected to come, as the way the first season ended, but no word has been officially released as of yet so we will have to see on Paul Rudd’s possible next project.

SNL Five-Timers Club

The SNL Five-Timers Club has long been a staple of actors or other notable figures to have taken the Studio 8H stage and hosted the show. Among this ever-growing list of celebrities are Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Danny DeVito, Jonah Hill, Sting, and many others. However, the Paul Rudd episode was not only the final episode of 2021, as well as a seasonal Christmas episode, but the episode was dedicated to Paul Rudd’s time as his 5th time hosting the late-night hour-long sketch comedy show. Five-Timers Club members have always brought the best of the best into one specific group. While every celebrity has had to of hosted five times in order to earn the jacket, others have appeared a total of five times, maybe even more but in order to truly be a member of the SNL Five-Timers Club one must host the show five times.

The Weirdest Five-Timers Episode Yet

While every episode of SNL has high interaction with the host and crew, there are sketches that don’t include the host but a large percent of the time, the host was involved in more than half of the sketches performed. In each Five-Timers Club episode of SNL, the Five-Timer of the said episode is given their jacket during their opening monologue. During what could have easily been considered the weirdest SNL FIve-Timers Club episode yet with less than 10 cast and crew members available for the episode. Normally SNL Christmas episodes alone have always been quite the spectacle but with the newest episode of SNL featuring Paul Rudd, the actor was one of only a few members of SNL that were in the studio at the time of premier. With only Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, Michael Che, Kenan Thompson, Paul Rudd, and only two band members, due to a COVID surge, it certainly made for an interesting episode. The sketches were all pre-recorded earlier in the week and mixed with a handful of favorite Christmas segments from past episodes. Overall, everything was pre-recorded, less than ten people were present in the shows official midnight showing and it was more of an intimate night than most SNL Five-Timers Club episodes have been and Paul Rudd’s inclusion was no exception.

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