First Trailer For Paul Rudd And Will Ferrell’s New Streaming Show

First Trailer For Paul Rudd And Will Ferrell’s New Streaming Show

Dark comedies are sometimes a little hard for people to get simply because, well, the type of comedy is hard to get used to since it’s not exactly what people are expecting considering that comedy is usually pretty obvious and makes us laugh. Dark comedy usually makes a lot of people feel bad for laughing since it centers around subjects that don’t always appear to be funny but are set up in a way that is hilarious at times even if one doesn’t feel like they should be laughing. Did everybody get all that? The Shrink Next Door is already looking like something that will take the combined comedic talents of Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd and douse them in a thick and viscous layer of mud in a manner that’s going to appear somehow ironic and meaningful at the same time. That’s one perception at least since as the character Ferrell is playing unveils more about himself those layers of mud are going to be wiped off, peeled off, cracked off, whatever needs to be done in order to get to the heart of whatever issues he’s facing. And Paul Rudd will be the one holding the rag, chipping at the edges, or hosing down the layers to make sure that the issues do get revealed. In short, it looks like something that will confuse people as to when they should laugh and when they shouldn’t.

The whole thing about dark comedy though is that a person can laugh at just about anything and there might be a chance that it was meant to be funny in some bizarre way, especially when dealing with psychiatry in this form. Given that this story is based on real-life events it’s bound to happen that some folks might be drawn into the act without any hesitation, while others might have to really work to get into it as they try to figure out why it’s supposed to be so entertaining. One thing that a lot of people might argue about is the comedy of Will Ferrell since some like him and others can’t stand the guy. Personally, he’s a decent comedian and has earned his accolades, but it definitely appears that he does far better when he has a strong supporting cast around him, as this heightens his ability to be funny and gives him someone to lean on when he needs to. Paul Rudd is definitely a great choice to pair him with since Rudd has more than enough snark to his characters and is still capable of filling in as the buddy since he’s someone that people have come to see as both funny and dramatic over the years.

Projects concerning psychiatrists and their patients have usually done fairly well to great over the years since the process of helping someone through their problems has become very easy to relate to over time, and in some cases, it’s even helped those that didn’t feel that anything was wrong with them. That’s odd to say, but pop culture has the type of influence that is able to open people up and make them realize that yes, their lives aren’t quite as perfect as they thought, but there is something that can be done about it. Obviously, not everything on TV and in the movies is applicable and can be used as seen, but quite often a movie or a show can open a person to new lines of thought and even get them to consider that they might actually benefit from something that they’ve seen or heard.

The fact that this show is based on real-life events is bound to be even better when it comes to influencing and entertaining the audience. People happen to enjoy shows and movies that are based in reality at times, as it becomes a little more uplifting and far easier to relate to, which in turn enhances the enjoyment they receive from the overall experience. The fact that two comedians are taking on the roles of the main characters isn’t a big deal really since as it’s been seen over the years, comedians are quite adept at taking on dramatic roles. But it will be interesting to see what happens when Paul Rudd is involved in a dark comedy such as this.

It feels easy to say that people will be checking out this show when it arrives out of curiosity to begin and might find that they enjoy it after a short while. The project also feels like it might be a slow starter, but so long as it’s able to quicken the pace just a little it does feel as though the audience will be pleased. Now all we have to do is wait and see just how things will go, and hope for the best.

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