How the Show Wahlburgers Has Lasted 10 Seasons

In a world where fast-paced basically describes everything, lasting 10 seasons into anything is a difficult achievement. There have been many TV greats that have achieved this feat, but it comes as a surprise to a lot of people that A&E’s Wahlburgers actually lasted as long. The show featuring Boston chef Paul Wahlberg’s foray into the hamburger chain business has been a tremendous success. While it may be surprising to some, dedicated fans probably know all too well just how and why the show made it this far. Season 10 has just started, and if you aren’t caught up, allow us to give you reasons to watch the show. Here’s why Wahlburgers has been worth watching for 10 seasons.

First off, we all know that Paul Wahlberg’s genealogy is no joke. Paul is part of the famous Wahlberg family that includes his brother Mark and Donnie Wahlberg. Both are amazing actors in their own right. Mark and Donnie have both been in the film and television industry for decades now. They’re both household names, and they’re both pretty recognizable anywhere. Mark is known for movies such as Invincible, Ted, The Fighter, and Patriots Day. Donnie, on the other hand, is probably most commonly associated with his hit police procedural on CBS, Blue Bloods. Both Mark and Donnie are also talented music performers and recording artists. But Paul’s screen credits have been limited to chef, as it seems he never got the bug for performing. Wahlburgers is everything about Paul and his dreams of being successful in the restaurant industry. But being tight knit as they are, Paul’s dream has become the dream of the rest of the family.

In a recent interview with, Mark explained just how much closer the show has brought their family together. The show also features their mother, Alma Wahlberg, who has become a favorite on the reality show. Mark also explains that while it is an entertaining show, Wahlburgers is a business first. The focus is on the business, and the rest follows suit. Because the business is successful, it isn’t difficult for viewers to be inspired and to admire the company–and the show that follows the day-to-day aspect of the show. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to watch the Wahlberg brothers in a different element.

Another reason why the Wahlburgers has lasted 10 seasons is because of the growth of their business. Since it was launched in 2011, the restaurant chain now has a total of 26 locations in 19 states. That’s not a bad spread after opening its original restaurant in the small town of Hingham just outside of Boston. And the chain isn’t stopping there. There are continuous plans for growth in other states and cities in the coming years. In addition, the Wahlberg brothers have looked into retail as well. This article from Boston Globe reported when the brothers first announced their line of product–custom blend meats–to be sold in grocery stores. All the growth and exposure of the business is basically advertising for their show. The more people see their brand, the more viewers they’ll have on the television show.

Lastly–and probably the most important, the reason why Wahlburgers has lasted this long is because it’s just a good show. The dynamic of the family is so natural, and it’s essentially what keeps viewers coming back for more. The Wahlberg’s are hilarious. They’re down to earth. They’re fun and engaging to watch. They’re also real. The Wahlberg’s have established themselves well in Hollywood, but they’ve never forgotten where they came from. They’re a solid bunch of hardworking folks, and it’s refreshing to see on television versus families that are all in it for the glitz and glamour. As busy as they may seem with their professional acting lives, Mark and Donnie are all-in to support their brother Paul and mom Alma. While Mark may not be interested in the business at all, Donnie is going in head first to help out with management details.

That’s exactly the kind of teamwork that makes this family successful, and all of it is evident on every single episode of the Wahlburgers. It’s solid television, and it’s the reason why the show has been nominated twice for an Emmy. The show is highly rated by both viewers and critics, and it will probably remain so until the show is done.

In a recent article, reported that the 10th season would be the final season of the Wahlburgers. The run has been great, and 10 seasons seem like a solid run for a solid show. The business will continue on, but the show has finished its course. This final season will close the circle for the family and will show the brothers as they fulfill their mom Alma’s dream of opening a restaurant chain in Dorchester, MA. Dorchester was the childhood hometown of the Wahlberg brothers, and opening a Wahlburger there will be a nice way to close up this chapter of their lives.

There have been a lot of personal sacrifice and hard work in the Wahlburgers show project, and ending the show means many things. It would mean more time to focus on other projects and endeavors. It might mean more films and television shows. It might mean more restaurant chains to open, or it might mean just more time with family altogether. It’s sad thinking that we won’t get to see the Wahlberg family this way again, but we’re certainly looking forward to what’s in store for the brothers’ future. They’ve done something incredible with Wahlburgers–both the show and the establishment. Every single season from the past has been worth watching, and we’re sure that season 10 will be no different.

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