How Sofía Vergara Continues to Stay Relevant After Modern Family

How Sofía Vergara Continues to Stay Relevant After Modern Family

How Sofía Vergara Continues to Stay Relevant After Modern Family

It’s not easy being a Latina actress in Hollywood. Apart from the language barrier and cultural differences, the competition is as fierce as can be. A lot have tried, but only a few have succeeded. One of them is actress and model, Sofía Vergara. The Colombian-American bombshell has defied the odds, and has gone on to star in hit sitcoms, and major box office productions. Vergara’s first shot at fame happened in the 1990’s. She was first discovered as a television show host, before she started appearing in movies. Her first notable acting job while speaking in the English language was in the comedy film, Chasing Papi. This was the beginning of a colorful career ahead.

Her Rise to Fame

Vergara is most known for her role as Gloria Pritchett, the feisty yet fun-loving young wife of the Pritchett family patriarch, Jay, portrayed by Ed O’Neill (Married… with Children), in the hit family sitcom, Modern Family. Her role in the show was the life of the party. It became so well-loved and memorable that it even made her one of the highest paid actresses in American television during the show’s reign. It was almost impossible getting through a Modern Family episode without tummy ache-inducing laughs. The sitcom was the big break in Vergara’s career, which instantly made her a household name. The actress was a breath of fresh air, as she showed confidence despite her heavy Colombian accent. The ability to laugh at herself, even in the most awkward of situations, serves as her unique ability, and strength as an actress. This attitude also makes her even more endearing, both professionally and personally. It has made her an instant fan favorite, and has also made her hunky husband, Hollywood actor, Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike), fall in love with her more. It seems like she’s got it all.

What Coming Up Next

All good things must come to an end. Vergara’s stint in Modern family finally came to an end in 2020, after 11 successful seasons. Long-time fans of the show must still be suffering from separation anxiety, more so since the series ended on such a high note. Vergara may have said goodbye to an iconic role, but she’s about to say hello to another. The actress has been known for her light and comedic roles in films, such as New Year’s Eve, The Three Stooges, Chef, and Hot Pursuit. It’s about time she delves into more challenging roles and film genres. This is the reason why fans were psyched when it was announced that Vergara is about to star in a Netflix limited series, Griselda, which navigates the life of notorious drug trafficker, Griselda Blanco. This role will prove to be challenging to Vergara, as it will serve as a test to show her versatility as an actress. The limited series will chronicle the escapades of Blanco, who created a billion-dollar empire by running one of the most profitable drug cartels in history. The character may be controversial, but it represents a monumental change in the entertainment industry. Roles that were once dominated by male leads are now being led by women on top of their game. It’s a step forward for women in Hollywood, who have been fighting hard for various issues, such as equal pay, diversity, and more female-centric roles in the small and big screens. This limited series is a win, and a reason to celebrate. Who better to have at the forefront than the fun-loving and charismatic Vergara?

A lot of actresses who have played memorable roles have a hard time getting out of these stereotypes. This limits their chances of exploring more out-of-the-box characters, and leaves them in a career rut. This can be frustrating, especially for talented actresses who deserve to be recognized for their wide range of acting capabilities. Luckily, the same cannot be applied to Vergara, who continues to elevate and stay relevant despite the end of her highly successful sitcom. She breaks barriers not only in her projects, but also as a Latin American actress in Hollywood. Vergara’s fellow Latina beauties, such as Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and Zoe Saldana, to name a few, have already cemented their places in the industry. It’s always inspiring to see other actresses join in on the growing bandwagon. Vergara has been known to be proud of her humble beginnings, and speak about her Colombian heritage with much pride. May this continue to open more opportunities for her, as well as to other aspiring Latin American actresses who dream of making it big in Hollywood.

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