How Eva LaRue Maintains Her Youthful Appearance

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Eva LaRue is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. She’s beautiful. The gorgeous actress has been in the business for a long time, and it continuously shocks fans that she is well into her 50s. She does not look a day over 30, and we all want to know what it is that she’s doing that keeps her looking like she hasn’t aged in a quarter-century. Born on December 27, 1966, Eva LaRue is a born and raised-California girl who got her start in the industry when she was only 20. She’s been regularly working as an actress since the mid-80s, and we have to know what she’s doing with her life to keep her so youthful and vibrant.

Eva LaRue Gives Back Regularly

You can eat well, create a fancy skincare routine, and do all the things that allow you to stay fit and healthy, but one of the best-kept secrets to staying youthful is giving back. We are convinced this is what keeps some people so youthful. When you dedicate so much time to doing good deeds for other people out of your own heart’s selflessness, you will continue to feel good on the inside – and that will show up on the outside.

Eva LaRue is a woman who advocates hard for cancer patients. She’s been involved in the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s projects for over a decade now, dedicating a great deal of time to that. Both her grandmother and her great-grandmother lost their battles with this particular form of cancer, and it’s her mission to make sure more people do not lose a loved one in the same manner. Her goal in working with this project is to make sure the men and women living with cancer are able to have the highest quality of life possible, and it is a mission close to her heart.

She Knows Her Body Well

Eva LaRue is known for her gorgeous figure, but she also knows her body well. She knows that it is because she has such a love affair with bread and pasta when she puts on those few extra pounds. She knows what will make her gain weight, and she knows just how to lose it. LaRue knows that she has to minimize the amount of bread and pasta she consumes so it doesn’t overtake her body and cause her to gain weight.

Credit: @evalarue

She Never Deprives Herself

Eva LaRue does not deprive herself of anything she wants. She knows that the worst thing you can do is tell yourself that you cannot have something because it only makes the desire to have it that much more amazing. One of the things she is good about when she maintains her figure is eating what she wants in moderation, which means she cannot have pasta and bread at every meal. She certainly doesn’t deprive herself of those things, but she does note she only eats them so much. Moderation is the key to success when it comes to eating and still feeling good about your life.

Eva LaRue is a Workout Fan

In addition to eating well and doing so in moderation, Eva LaRue knows the other trick to staying healthy and fit is to work out. It’s impossible to have a great, fit body without working out. Exercise is the final key on the road to weight loss. You cannot lose weight and get fit, focusing only on your diet, and you cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. It is a good marriage for both.

She Focuses on Her Health from the Inside

Something else that’s important to Eva LaRue is figuring out how to focus on her health from the inside. She knows that when she put on an unwanted 20 pounds a few years ago, it was because she was going through a divorce. She called those extra pounds her ‘hurt’ pounds. LaRue put them on going through a difficult time, and she knew that getting rid of them would help her move on from being in a place that was hurting her. She knows that good exterior health mirrors good interior health, and both require focus and assistance.

Credit: @evalarue

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to focus on your own health, but Eva LaRue is focusing on hers how she sees fit. She is moderate and patient, and she does put in the work. It is the only way to do it; she knows this is true. She looks amazing – but she always does – and we are just glad she also feels amazing.

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