How Does “Avatar: The Way of Water” End?

How Does “Avatar: The Way of Water” End?
Avatar: The Way of Water

credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

The long-awaited sequel to Avatar (2009) is finally here! It’s been 13 long years, and in a few hours, we get to see if it was worth the wait. James Cameron has a reputation for beating his own set records, so everyone got their fingers crossed on this one. Avatar: The Way of Water official trailer is mind-blowing. Waiting for the required technology to develop the film has definitely been worth the wait.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are spoilers for the movie. You may want to skip to the end if you want to keep the film’s storyline pure and suspense-filled.

If you have had the opportunity to see the movie, no doubt its 192 minutes left you overwhelmed and in awe of the production. To help explain the ending of this epic movie, let’s do a buildup of its story.

Where does the movie’s storyline begin?

While it may have been thirteen human years have passed since the first Avatar, its sequel is set in a time fifteen years in the future. Within this period, the Na’vi have successfully driven most humans away from Pandora. Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) have two sons and a daughter, Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), Lo’ak (Britain Dalton), and Tuk (Trinity Jo-Li).

Jake and Neytiri also have an adopted daughter, Kiri (Sigourney Weaver). Then there’s a new character called Spider (Jack Champion). Spider is human but was born in Pandora. Unable to be sent back to earth, Spider not only learns the ways of the Na’vi, but he’s also got a special connection to Jake and Neytiri’s family.

Who are the movie’s new villains?


credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

The first Avatar had the main villain as the Resources Development Administration (RDA), who were seeking to mine unobtanium in Pandora. If you’re here, you already know how that ends. Well, humans, with amazing technology, found a way to develop what is now known as the Recombinants. These avatar bodies are fused with human memories.

Learning from their defeat, humans choose to create avatars that could match the strength and intelligence of those on Pandora. With this technology, Colonel Quaritch comes back alive as the main villain. His hatred for Jack and Neytiri fuels his determination to destroy their family and the entire Na’vi culture.

Why do the Sullys leave Pandora?

Avatar: The Way of Water

credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

Again, if you haven’t watched the movie, big apologies for the heavy spoilers. In his quest to get his vengeance on Jake, Quaritch chooses to lure him out by killing other Na’vi warriors’ kids. To protect his kids, as well as other members of the Na’vi, Jake decides to send them out of their home, Pandora.

The movie follows their departure to live with the Metkayina Clan, known as the Reef People. The Na’vis must learn the culture and customs of the Metkayina to survive.

Oh yes, Quaritch is able to capture Spider while the Sullys escape. Although Quaritch later discovers Spider is his son, he tries to act like he’s got no connection and love for him. Holding him as a hostage would see him begin to see Spider in a different light.

How does the movie end?

Avatar: The Way of Water

credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

There’s an inevitable fight between Jake and Quaritch towards the end of the movie. Quaritch is able to get under Jake’s skin, and they battle it out, trapped in a flooding chamber in a sinking ship. Loyalty and family bond is put to the test as we see Quaritch try to get Neytiri to back down by holding a knife to Kiri’s neck. Neytiri, knowing Spider is Quaritch’s son, does the same to him.

Trying to call her bluff, Neytiri, to save her adopted child, cuts Spider in the chest. Yet, at the end of the movie, with Quaritch surviving, Spider refuses to stay with him and still chooses the Sullys.

Jake and Neytiri lose their first son and child, Neteyam, who’s buried close to Metkayina Tree of Life. This sets the stage for what might come in Avatar 3. Will the Tree of Life be able to revive Neteyam? James Cameron is definitely holding the answer close to his chest.

Tonowari, Metkayina’s leader, recognizes the Sullys as People of the Reef. Jake pledges to take a stand in the ocean. An alliance of the Na’vi and Metkayina would see them battle it out with a returning, angrier Quaritch, to save Pandora and the Reef.

When would you be watching the movie?

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