Is Avatar 2: Way of Water Worth the Wait? Praise vs. Criticism

Is Avatar 2: Way of Water Worth the Wait? Praise vs. Criticism

credit: Avatar: The Way of Water

If anyone believed that Avatar 2 would come out without criticism being levied at it, this might have been the first movie they ever watched. Otherwise, it was expected that many people would pay lip service to James Cameron’s latest release while others would be ready to pick out any flaws and criticize what might not work for them. The truth is that this is done with every movie since there have never been any movies that have been universally loved by everyone that’s ever had the chance to watch them. It’s fair to think that people will point out various movies with a high approval ratings among fans and critics alike. Still, even that isn’t a great example since, like it or not; every movie will draw criticism for one point or another, even if it’s minor. On the flip side, too many movies are given the type of lip service that many people take a little too seriously, given that exciting a movie can help increase the reputation and prestige of those doing the talking. In defense of Avatar 2, it’s easy to say that many people have been waiting for this chance to return to Pandora, but fawning over the movie might not do it any favors, though neither will comments that are overly critical. 


credit: Avatar: Way of Water

Plenty of people are willing to praise James Cameron for taking an extra long time to get everything right

There’s no denying that praising James Cameron as a great director is easy because he has brought plenty of epic tales to the audience over the years. Still, far too often, it would appear that many people are willing to build up him without looking at anything but his accomplishments. It might sound a bit petty to think of anything else in the wake of such a successful career. Still, there are moments when one has to think about why it took so long to get this sequel off the ground and how anyone could have thought it wasn’t a great idea to build off the success and create a sequel years earlier. At this point, it feels as though Avatar might have been over and done with had Cameron gone ahead with the sequels, but praising him after so many years feels awkward when it comes to this movie. 

Criticizing the movie is possible from the images given, but it might be wise to watch it first. 

The visuals and the story given before the movie was due to come out were easy to enjoy or criticize depending upon the viewpoint of those talking. But one of the most definitive ways to criticize or praise a movie is to go and see it, and it is likely that too many people will try to talk about it from afar. The effects that went into this movie look fantastic, and the storyline does sound like something that could work for many people. Still, thus far, it would appear that some have stated that the story wasn’t nearly as challenging as the first movie and that it felt like a YA novel. That’s not precisely low praise for any movie, but it doesn’t sound like what Cameron was going for, either. In the same breath, however, simply giving in and stating that everything was more significant and, therefore, better sounds like a less-than-educated response to a movie with plenty of time to perfect every aspect of its story. 

Is Avatar 2: Way of Water Worth the Wait? Praise vs. Criticism

credit: Avatar: Way of Water

Bringing back Quaritch sounds like an odd choice, and the lack of anyone mentioning his role makes it feel that it might have been awkward

There are no doubt plenty of comments out there, and it does feel that some of them would be made about one of the movie’s main villains, but as of yet, it doesn’t appear that these have been a big focal point in the reviews. The re-emergence of this villain still feels awkward and a bit contrived, but it’s felt that way since the announcement was made that he would be returning. On top of that, it’s one element out of the entire movie, so perhaps people felt it wasn’t worth commenting on. 

The praise heaped upon the movie thus far feels rather basic

Much of the praise that’s been given so far feels like an extension of the praise given to the initial movie, meaning that it could have easily been recycled and updated to make the comments sound convincing. Of course, that might be nothing more than paranoid criticism talking, but it feels like the sequel is worth it to some people and isn’t anything special to others. 

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