5 Reasons Tom Holland is the Best Spider-Man Ever

5 Reasons Tom Holland is the Best Spider-Man Ever

5 Reasons Tom Holland is the Best Spider-Man Ever

Spider-Man is one of the world’s most beloved superheroes. The web slinger is such a great champion of the people simply because he is a regular guy saving the world. Keep in mind that Spider Man has been around for many years. During his time as a movie and television star, he has been played by many actors. Some of the most notable Spider Man personalities include Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield.

Drake Bell and Neil Patrick Harris lent their voices to Spider Man animated series during the 2000s and 2010s. There are other actors who also played the role of Spider Man throughout his acting career. Newcomer Tom Holland is now added to this list.

Tom Holland could very well be the best Spider Man actor to emerge out of this group. While Toby McGuire was considered the best Spider Man performer to date; Holland is destined to surpass his performance. Here are 5 reasons Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man ever.

1. Tom Holland and Peter Parker are Both Screw-Ups

When most people refer to someone as a screw-up they are not usually referring to a good thing. However, in Tom Holland’s case — it is a great thing. Why? Because it proves that he has something in common with his character Peter Parker.

All Spider Man fans know that Peter Parker is the web slinger’s alias name. Peter Parker is the average guy behind the Spider Man mask. He is not a hot stud, a rich and powerful man or a great athlete. He is a simple guy that gets things wrong.

So, when Tom Holland is doing things like blurting out the plot of his film when he should keep his mouth closed — well he is in fact screwing up like Peter Parker. Holland and Parker’s ability to mess things up are one and the same. This is a good thing because it proves that Holland is really meant for this role.

2. Tom Holland is Pro Spider

Apparently, actor Tom Holland really likes Spiders. This is a good thing because if he is playing the role of Spider Man, then having an inkling for spiders is a quality that he should possess. Spiders are great insects and they do a great service when it comes to getting rid of other pesky insects. So, Tom Holland’s passion for spiders is well appreciated. This passion of his also allows him to be a better performer for his role.

3. Tom Holland has Great Spider Man Mannerisms

Tom Holland might as well be a super hero in his own right. While he does go around web slinging through New York City, he does have some of Spider Man’s mannerisms. The way he stands, how he moves and some of the way he acts; makes him the perfect choice for Spider Man. Holland might have studied Peter Parker over the years and picked up his mannerisms from this activity. Regardless, his character is perfect for the role.

4. Tom Holland Beat out a Lot of other People for this Role

Hollywood knows how to cast people (for the most part) for specific roles. Robert Downey Jr. makes the perfect Iron Man, only Gal Gadot could pull off the Wonder Woman character and Tom Holland is this generation’s go to Spider Man. He is a great choice for this part. After fans saw him in Captain America: Civil War; it would be hard for them to disagree.

5. Tom Holland makes his Own Special Effects

When Tom Holland was acting out the role for Spider Man, he made his own special effects for making webs. In other words when he was acting and had to shoot out a web, he would say “pssst” to help him to pretend to be shooting the web from his wrist. This technique is nothing unusual for actors but it does help to make Holland a great shoe in for Spider Man. When an actor can make special effect sounds for their action roles, you know you’re going to get a great performance. Ultimately, Tom Holland rocks at being Spider Man. The box office revenues for this film clearly proves that he does. Go Tom.

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