Five Important Films About Child Abuse People Need to See

Five Important Films About Child Abuse People Need to See

Five Important Films About Child Abuse People Need to See

Child abuse in movies is something that’s hard to watch, mainly because it’s known that such things do tend to happen in real life and the truth hurts to acknowledge. These important films that feature such child abuse are a must see not because they’re that great but because despite the fantastical nature of a couple of them they are very accurate in many ways. While some of the abuse that you might see in these movies doesn’t happen as regularly as it used to, some of it is still a big problem in society and has yet to be fully eradicated. It is believed by some that unfortunately it might never be fully eliminated from society.

But we can always hope for the best and endure the worst, horrible as that sounds.

5. Radio Flyer

A new man in a child’s life, a stepfather in other words, is a hard thing to get accustomed to. But when this new father figure who likes to be called “The King” starts to beat the younger brother, Bobby, he quickly earns the enmity of both brothers. They eventually come up with an idea for Bobby to get away, but to this day a lot of people still have issues with the ending, as it seems to imply that simply running way or committing suicide is seen as the only answer to child abuse.

4. No Child of Mine

This is just a sad, sad tale. Normally you would hear about one parent being abusive and the other being either negligent or at the very least somewhat involved with their kid if they don’t take off after a divorce. Kerry has little to no help from any source since she receives little more than abuse from most of the people in her life. Near the end she finds a suitable home to stay in, and eventually opens up about her experiences.

3. Precious

Precious is one of the many kids that never got a fair shot in life as she was raped by her father twice and contracted HIV from him as well. Her two kids, Mongo and Abdul, are the only bright spots in her life aside from the chance she finally sees near the end of the film to do something positive. Those that try to help her are as sincere as they can be, and offer a very supportive shoulder to lean on.

2. Running Scared

Oleg get’s beat by the man that he and his mother live with, threatened when he doesn’t admit to liking a John Wayne movie, and even denied food when he insults the Duke. Added onto that is the fact that once he runs away he’s picked up by a couple of pedophiles and stuffed in a closet when he refuses to cooperate. He doesn’t have a very good time of it in this film.

1. Sleepers

There are worse things than the abuse that some kids go through, believe it or not. The haunted look that comes to the look of a child’s eyes when they’ve been abused for so long is horrible. Or rather, the hunted look that makes them look like a wild animal that’s expecting at any moment to be attacked, or devoured by a predator.

Even in the movies such scenes are hard to watch.

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