How Arrow Completely Changed Comic Book TV Forever

Arrow Season 8

Comic book television show, Arrow is soon closing its doors with its season finale. The dc entertainment show, which first came to our screens in 2012 focused on the DC universe superhero, Arrow, who is a hooded vigilante. If you are one of the die hard comic book fans, then the Arrow character is one to be respected owing to his lack of supernatural abilities unlike most of the heroes in the franchise. Focusing on the television series, it managed to gain a decent following and even recruited more fans to the Arrow fan base. It is no secret that the show changed comic book tv forever and the following are some of the ways it achieved such a feat.

1. Focus On The Backstory

The backstory is a very important element and makes it easy even for those new to the character to get into him or her. On Arrow’s backstory, we are introduced to millionaire playboy, Oliver queen. He is shipwrecked on a mysterious island, and he is presumed dead as evident on IMDb’s synopsis of the plot. Later on, he appears back to his town and takes on the persona of a hooded vigilante, with a bow and Arrow as his weapons of choice. It is a commendable move by the producers of the show and helps in developing the lot from a simple beginning to the complex persona of Oliver Queen. Many shows are taking this approach, such as Gotham which focuses mainly on the backstory and beginnings of batman characters.

2. The Relatability Factor

One thing that superhero shows, which are adapted from the comic, are the relatability factor to the real world. One thing that stands out about Arrow is the environment is easily relatable, and you can picture yourself in such a setting. It is one of the factors that many producers and directors may overlook, but it has a great impact on the viewers. Though the comic’s premise was somewhere in the 1940s, the writers have brought it to the present where Green Arrow is exposed to technological advances. There are new-age technologies, and Oliver Queen has information technology experts on his back to help him in his quest to maintain justice. When it comes to getting a new audience outside of its comic book fan base, it is a worthy move.

3. The Story Telling Aspect

Unlike the comic book settings where the character is portrayed to be all strong and on the good side without any flaws. When it comes to the story of Green Arrow, the realism essence is achieved by portraying his flaws for all to see. It is a huge part of his character which is that one of a playboy billionaire, and there is some touch of arrogance in his tone in flashbacks before his disappearing incident. Aside from his character, the storyline is consistent and develops perfectly from one episode to the other. It is therefore easy to follow and sets a benchmark for other comic book series to follow the script.

4. Spinoffs

Show spinoffs ensure continuity of characters and may continue storylines developed in the shows. Arrow has done justice to the DC cinematic universe by providing the base story for several characters from the associated comic books. According to IGN Africa, among the spinoffs from Arrow include Supergirl, Flash and also Legends of Tomorrow. It is a nice move that provides more ideas to grace your screens. The introduction of the characters creates a flowing timeline that will get the audience to want more.

5. Keenness On Production Quality

You cannot overlook the production quality that Arrow showcases. The pictures are standout and do justice to the show when it comes to viewership. The same also applies to the action sequences and dialogue scenes where the producer has gone the extra mile to make them have a touch of realism. When it comes to the final episodes, where the focus in the future, there is a fantastic portrayal of the environment even though it leans more on an Armageddon setting, the comic book tv scene should borrow an element of the top-notch production quality to get rave reviews from critics and fans.

6. Consistency In Flow

The superhero television show is soon coming to an end after eight seasons and 169 episodes. One thing that worked to the success of the show that it came to an end after an amazing seven years in the screen is its consistency. The consistency focuses on character development bringing in key twists to make the plot interesting. Many television shows start at with a massive hit, and as it proceeds, it gets watered down, and by the time the last episode airs, the viewership numbers will have dropped.

7. Paying Homage To Its Comic Book Origins

One shortcoming that many comic book adaptations face is veering away from their comic book storylines. Such changes do not do justice to the avid comic book fan and keeping along may be an issue. With Arrow, the show has kept to its origins though set in different timelines. The development of the story on the show is congruent to the comics, and for someone who had the magazines, they can easily pick up the story.

Final Thoughts

Arrow is one show that garnered awesome reviews from critics and focused on the antics of superhero cum vigilante Oliver Queen. He takes on the Green Arrow moniker due to hi arsenal consisting of the archery items. The program featured several advancements in its production, focusing on a story-oriented approach. It is coming to an end, and it is an agreeable fact that it brought a new twist to the comic book genre. It is a move to benchmark that many other shows in this genre can bank on to have a sustained viewership. The storyline and production are among the standout aspects that the show got right from the first episode. Character development is also right, as evident by the spinoffs coming from it. If you haven’t watched the show, you can get into a binge-watching session to see how great it is.

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