The Legend of Korra Episode 6 Review: Korra Gets Cheated

Korra listening to RadioThe Legend of Korra is fast becoming one of my favourite all time shows and this week’s episode was the best by far! Only six episodes in, the world is rich, the characters are cool, funny and interesting and the main plot is building very nicely without giving away the farm. It’s all very exciting.

This week’s visit from the Avatar starts with Korra and the Fire Ferrets training for their upcoming final, against the detestable Wolfbats. They have the radio on but as they’re talking the radio is taken over by Amon. He gives his Equalist spiel about being under-foot and threatens that if the Pro Bending arena is not closed down, there will be consequences. Since the Fire Ferrets are playing in the final that night, they do not agree that it should be shut down, and head of to see the council, who have the unenviable decision; to close or not to cave to a mad man.

At the council, Korra flaunts her Avatar status to get in but Tarrlok and Tenzin are agreeing that the arena should be shut down. Mako and Bolin try to throw some heartfelt words into the argument but let’s just say its lucky they’re pretty/funny. Fortunately, Chief Lin Beifong busts in, smashing Tarrlok’s hammer before the verdict is passed down. Beifong agrees with Korra, that the arena should stay open. Tarrlok, the weasel that he is, passes the safety of the audience, competitors and everything else to Chief Beifong and her Metalbending police (who are so cool).

Afterwards, Beifong and Tenzin are talking. Tenzin is trying to point out that she just became a mug, but she isn’t having any of him. She is definitely Toph’s daughter. As she storms off, Korra tries to thank her for helping keep their championship dream alive but gets blanked. After Korra figures out that the tension between Tenzin and Beifong is because they used to be a couple (Tenzin says Criminey, worth watching the episode alone for), she adds the his wife Pema, stole Tenzin from the Chief. Tenzin says it wasn’t like that at all, and admits that Beifong may have tried to arrest Pema, before getting flustered at himself for talking to Korra about it. He leaves and she laughs, calling him a heartbreaker. You only have to look at the Airbender’s magnificent facial hair to know he was a ladies man before being a married man.

Korra's friend PabuBack at evil HQ, Amon is told that the council decided not to cancel the Pro Bending finals but he says that everything is going according to plan. At the arena, the Metalbending police force are searching the place. Tenzin and Beifong are talking and after a discussion, she admits that she could be less abrasive (that’s one word for it) and for ‘Old times’ they decide to work together. The commentator starts talking and it’s time for the match. The Fire Ferrets make their entrance, in their stylish uniforms and in the crowd there is a little doppelgänger crew of fans cheering them on, so adorable. Mako gets blown a kiss by the stunning Asami and blows one back; Korra is not impressed. Resist that green-eyed goddess, Mako, please!

In the ring, Pabu nails his moment but then the Wolfbats make their entrance. Annoying as they are, they know how to make an entrance. They have their own fans, teen girls, but are booed by the cosplaying kids. Korra wants to knock Tahno, the Whitefalls Wolfbat’s leader’s stupid hair off. In fairness, it is really stupid hair. The match starts and boy are the Wolfbats aggressive, but more than that, they’re freaking cheats! And what’s worse is that the ref is on their side, scandalous behavior. They cheat and cheat and cheat and nearly knockout the Fire Ferrets but Korra catches the ledge and holds Mako. Tenzin surprises Beifong by knowing the rules and that the Wolfbats are cheating. As the Wolfbats celebrate, Korra throws Mako back up and he sends fire into Tahno, who is very annoyed. Mako just winks at him, what a guy. Mako points out that the ref is against them and whilst Korra thinks it would be more fun to beat them at their own game, Mako talks her out of it.

Round 2 ends up in a tiebreaker. Korra wins the toss and challenges Tahno. I predicted this, I’m not boasting, I’m just saying. Korra KO’s the cocky chump easily, taking round 2 for the Fire Ferrets. The fans are stunned and Bolin calls Korra his hero. Tahno is furious and plans to send the Fire Ferrets to a watery grave. Bit dramatic. Beifong can’t believe Aang was reborn as tough-as-nails Korra. Tenzin hints that Korra reminds him of Beifong when she was younger, and says they’d get along if she give her a chance. Beifong doesn’t seem happy about it. With illegal head shots of rocks in water, the Fire Ferrets are knocked out into the water. The Wolfbats win, despite constant and blatant cheating. I wanted to see Tenzin go nuts on the ref but there is trouble afoot. Tahno is being cocky in the ring, despite Korra whooping him but as he’s talking a few of the crowd put masks on and reach for something special.

Tenzin sees one of these people electrocute Beifong and blasts them with an air attack; go Tenzin! But it’s short-lived as he gets electrocuted from behind. One by one, all of the Metalbending Police are taken out by these taser gauntlet sporting individuals. Korra and co are in the water when the Equalist Lieutenant shows up, and jams his current-carrying Kali sticks into the water, electrocuting the poor Fire Ferrets.The commentator is attacked by one of these Equalist underlings with a glove and is absolutely hilarious in the face of danger.

Tahno loses power, Korra should laughTahno is in the ring panicking at the unfolding events; as Amon and his Chi-Blockers rise up behind him. The Fire Ferrets, Beifong and Tenzin are still unconscious. Tahno asks the ref of all people whats going on but then he and the Wolfbats attack Amon. Amon easily dodges and he and his men make quick work of the Wolfbats. For the record, Amon moves as quickly and gracefully as an Airbender, but that might just be a coincidence, as he is a bit ninja. Tahno begs for Amon not to take his Bending but Amon does anyway. The Wolfbats are unceremoniously dumped off of the ring as the Equalist banners come down all around the arena. Serves them right for cheating.

Korra is being dragged to one of the support beams by the Lieutenant, and she has another vision. These visions move quickly, but offer such a little tease about what happened to the original cast that I get so giddy I annoy myself. It showed Aang and Toph (Tenzin and Beifong) standing there, a sinister looking, as of yet unnamed man, who I think looks like Tarrlok, and Aang about to go into the Avatar state. I can’t wait to see when they all piece together to tell Korra something important. It should be great.

The Lieutenant ties up the Fire Ferrets as Amon begins to talk on the stage. Amon calls the Wolfbats bullies and boasts about destroying the ‘best’ Pro Bending team so easily. Bolin gets the loveable Pabu to chew through their bindings as Amon carries on talking. Amon says that anyone can now wield the power of a Chi-Blocker; those taser gauntlets could be very bad news for my beloved Avatar and friends. He wants equality, fairness and then he will give it to the rest of the world when he is done with Republic City. The man is charismatic I’ll give him that. I like Amon as a villain, and we all know that one day Korra will stop his fiendish plans, because she’s amazing.

Amon says the revolution has begun and a blimp shoots down platforms on cables to extract the Equalists. As Tenzin and Beifong get to their feet, a bomb goes off on the ring platform. Fortunately, Pabu has made it through the wires with coaching from Bolin, and our awesome heroine jumps into action. Freezing the water, she stands on the ice and looks up to see Amon escaping. She says she’s going after him and as Mako wishes her luck she dives in the water, twisting. Korra comes rushing out of the pool on a cyclone of water but it’s not enough, and she starts to fall, short of catching Amon. As she’s falling though, Beifong shoots a cable and catches her. With moves Spider man would be proud of, she twists and shoots Korra up at the Equalists. Like a rocket, Korra bursts through the hole in the roof and sends a fire attack at one of the platforms, knocking men off of it and landing on it. She see’s Amon is getting away and punches a fire attack at him, which enters the blimp and knocks most of his men down, but Amon is ice cool as always.

Korra is stranded on the platform but Beifong makes it to the roof and stops a Chi-Blocker swinging at Korra. Two Chi-Blockers knock Korra off the platform. The Lieutenant attack Beifong, knocking her down as she was trying to get on the blimp. Korra lands on the glass, cracking it only a little. Including the Lieutenant, four Chi-Blockers go for Beifong but Korra knocks them all away, saving Beifong but she ends up dueling with the Lieutenant. Korra showcases some very impressive moves and the long shot of the battle on the rooftop looks remarkable.

Korra inpsires the kidsBeifong helps Korra, taking down two Chi-Blockers. Beifong is determined to get on the blimp and manages to get her cable onto a platform. The Korra and Lieutenant fight is great and Korra finally manages to knock him off of the roof but then disaster strikes. The glass breaks and she falls through it, plummeting to the ground. Beifong looks at the blimp but decides to save Korra and using some sweet Metalbending techniques with the cables, she shoots after Korra and saves her, with some smooth swinging through the air. Korra thanks her when their safe and the Fire Ferrets rush forward and hug the Avatar. Beifong and Tenzin are talking near the Fire Ferrets. Beifong is annoyed that she played into Amon’s plan but Tenzin reassures Beifong that they were all played by Amon. The last line is Tenzin announcing that Republic City is at war!

This episode was fantastic from start to finish. Amon’s plans took an aggressive step forward as he tried to incite a Bender vs. Non-Bender war, Tarrlok was subtle in his villainy (I think he wants there to be no Non-Benders), Tenzin managed to get Beifong to be cool and she was pretty awesome to be fair. The Fire Ferrets were absolutely robbed of the championship but then the Wolfbats lost their powers. Karma is very quick in Republic City. And we got to see a flash of the old Avatar Aang. It is also worth pointing out that the background music for the last five minutes was absolutely brilliant, it fitted perfect and really added to the sense of occasion of Korra battling the Equalists. I can’ wait to see what next week brings. Pro Bending, sadly, as a competition is over but there is still plenty for Korra to deal with. Amon is getting more dangerous but she might have made a strong ally in Beifong. (Anyone else get the whole Toph and Katara feeling when the rooftop battle was going on; just with metal and fire?) She also has to deal with that pesky Asami but that can wait. I want to know who Beifong’s dad is? At least it’s not Sokka, we know that because Tenzin would be her cousin. All in all, so many questions are floating around and at only the series halfway point, I have every belief we’ll get those answers

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