Here’s Why Multiple Captain Americas in Phase 4 Would Be a Mistake

Here’s Why Multiple Captain Americas in Phase 4 Would Be a Mistake

Here’s Why Multiple Captain Americas in Phase 4 Would Be a Mistake

It almost feels like several people would go on the defensive the moment that anyone bothers to say that multiple Captain America’s aren’t needed or even bound to be a smart idea to promote in phase 4 of the MCU. To be honest, it’s bound to happen in some way that transcends the comics since one accurate statement is that America is made up of many different types of people when it comes to race, gender, and many other factors. But coming up with a different version of Captain  America for each of them is something that’s best left to the comic books and conventions, since trying to bring it into the movies could make for an inspirational moment, but trying to integrate it completely into the MCU feels as though it might backfire in a big way since having everyone saying “I’m Captain America” feels like something that could become a little confusing, not to mention kind of cringe-worthy after a while since while the idea of representing America goes beyond skin color, race, or gender, it’s a matter of someone that upholds the ideals that the nation is meant to stand for. 

That point can be lost very quickly once Marvel bends the knee to the masses even further since the idea of Captain America being a white, cis-gender male, to begin with, has become a sore spot with some folks, while even bringing forth the idea of a black man, Isiah and then Sam, appears to be less than what some folks want these days. This points to the prime example that giving people what they want is never going to be enough since they’re always going to want more. At this point, trying to please everyone is impossible since even stating that the person behind the shield represents the nation by seeking equality in all things isn’t enough. People want to fragment the idea of Captain America to preach for unity. Does that sound hypocritical to anyone else? Unity through division? Many will attempt to explain that creating multiple versions of Captain America, most of whom won’t have any type of power or extraordinary ability, is meant to represent the many different types of Americans that make up this country. That’s not a bad explanation really, but it is a bit hokey when one really thinks about it. 

Plus, from a cinematic standpoint, it feels like it’s only a few steps away from mimicking the theme of Joker, though it could be argued that allowing more versions of Cap to emerge might be more inspirational than frightening. It might sound cynical, but it kind of has to be said that allowing more than one Captain America to be shown in the MCU would cheapen the character after a while, especially since Sam Wilson has already made it clear that he’s bound to ask the tough questions and seek true equality since as a person of color he’s able to look at things from a very different perspective than Steve Rogers did. But backing that up just a moment, one has to remember that Steve didn’t have an easy life, even if it’s not comparable to many others, especially Isiah. The legacy of those that were given the super-soldier serum is hardship of some sort, since the moment they took up or were given the mantle that represented America, they were expected to step in line and do as they were told.

Again, the argument would be that those who have experienced hardship in their lives are worthy of picking up the moniker of Captain America because they, in their own way, represent a facet of the USA that is meant to be shared and used as a symbol for others to follow, but the idea is still one that feels half-baked and less than ideal simply because it indicates that the many people that seek to use the symbol need something extra to be who they want to be. The argument that this idea is, in the comics, trying to deliver the message that a fractured nation, such as many believe exists now in the real world, can be brought together by multiple people taking on the mantle of Captain America. It’s a great message, but it’s not entirely realistic. 

In the comics, this message is all well and good, but bringing it to the big or small screen sounds like an idea that could backfire in a big way since while MCU fans are up for diversity and are ready to see how Sam Wilson will do as Captain America, trying to introduce more than one Cap could be a seriously bad idea. People want the MCU to change as things go along, and so far the representation of different people and lifestyles has been coming along nicely. Rocking the boat in this manner could very easily turn a lot of fans off by introducing an idea that’s not quite as well developed as some folks believe. 

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